Does Mike Chang have the best online workout membership?

Mike Chang is currently the biggest online trainer in the world and his followers are continuing to grow in number by the day. This doesn’t happen unless you have an awesome program that is effective and suited for the needs of the many, but yet there are still people curious whether his program is the best thing offered online.

The best things people say about the Six Pack Shortcuts workouts is that they are effective. Mike takes people through an assortment of upper body and lower body workouts that cover shoulders, biceps, triceps, lower and upper back, chest, abs, quads, glutes etc., and shows you effective and proper ways to work the areas. In the YouTube videos you can see this pretty much in every exercise but in the Six Pack Shortcuts videos he goes into it even more in depth, covering more details regarding dieting, recovery time in addition to specialized workouts.

Some people find the most value when Mike offers insight into the different kinds of diets people should do in order to maximize their workouts. He even has cooking shows to show you how to cook your food, what kind to buy and when you should be eating it. This in itself is a big job and requires lots of knowledge, patience and commitment to his followers. It’s very rare to find someone who is both so knowledgeable in the fields of fitness and health, and is willing to share it under his program. Most other trainers would charge extra and probably would never make a promo video it offering insight on YouTube like Chang does.

What Mike Chang followers also really like is that his workouts are always fresh and exciting. He makes it a point to release new videos on a weekly and sometimes even daily basis for people of different levels to enjoy and practice with. He speaks with people honestly and in a way that makes you feel like he is on par with you, as he understands the challenges and struggles you are going through in order to get the kind of body you want. This exact type of feeling is what you get in the Six Pack Shortcuts videos so there are no weird surprises.

Unlike most online trainers who are pretentious and make you feel like you will never get to where they are, Mike Chang is more of a guide than a teacher throughout his workouts in his video series. I mean how many of the trainers go through that many workouts and talk to you as if you are in front of him like a friend such as the way he does? By my count, very few. More so, he’s always got a big smile, so you know he is happy sharing his stuff and most of all, being able to work out!

All of these aspects make Mike Chang the most sought out online trainer on YouTube and arguably the best trainer online, so we think has the best membership out there. What’s even better is that he took the most important information and useful tips from all his videos and put them together along with a lot of other valuable information such as pre- and post-workout diets to create his Six Pack Shortcuts. It isn’t perfect, as we all have our opinions about what is the best, but it really captures over 90% of all the most important things people need to know about working out if you are either a beginner or at an intermediate stage.

What you see on YouTube is even more real in his Six Pack Shortcuts videos, so I really hope you all keep working out with him online and get the nice cut and ripped body you’re aiming for. For me the videos have been a good investment, so that’s why I am pumped up to share what I have learned from them and what you can as well.


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