Mike Chang is annoying: Customer reviews on the Six Pack Shortcuts

Some people these days are really annoyed with Mike Chang. But what are they annoyed about?

From most bloggers responses, they are pissed because they see Mike Chang ads everywhere, especially online. The bloggers are pissed because they think Mike Chang is a sellout for putting his face everywhere but actually this isn’t entirely his fault.

Google puts ads online all over the place relevant to what people search for. So, if you have read or watched a lot of videos related to Mike Chang then you are going to see more of him. This means that you need to blame yourself! You know you have watched many of his videos and can’t stop you sneaky blogger. Don’t fool us.

If you don’t believe me, start watching as many videos related to something else as you can and see what happens. I guarantee you will start seeing the same kind of ads pop up everywhere and then you’ll start complaining about that. Otherwise, check out Google and see their policy about this.

Meanwhile, other people are complaining about Mike Chang because he is the top trainer in the online world. Typically, when people get jealous they tend to dislike someone so I think that is where everyone is getting upset about. It’s your insecurity so get over it!

But perhaps Mike Chang is annoying for always saying “What’s up guys!?” at the beginning of his videos, that kind of annoys me personally. Chang also tries to talk southern ghettoish is some way that is also kind of annoying because it sounds forced rather than a natural accent.

What else? Mike tends to bring on his annoying co-host “Dan” from time to time, who awkwardly stares at the camera and doesn’t say much. The guy is just somewhat fit and isn’t a good representative for the company so I think that can be improved.

Mike Chang can also be a little annoying when it comes to presenting his videos. He is overall very enthusiastic and great at presenting but sometimes he can go off track and talk about irrelevant shit that no one cares about. Additionally, people are getting annoyed with his hair, with most people saying things like “Mike it is time for you to cut your hair” and “get a fucking haircut due” on his YouTube channel-very well thought out comments.

I think we can agree though his hair thing is kind of annoying, especially how he is always stroking it back even though it is not long enough. Also, whenever he does his workouts the hair in the front gets in his way and you can tell it distracts him. It is also annoying to watch him smile always-no person is always that happy…no one.

Overall though, Mike Chang’s good qualities outshine his more annoying ones so try to take it easy when watching his videos and know that everyone has their idiosyncrasies. Pay more attention to the actual workouts and see if you get anything from them because that is what important and what truly represents him.

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