Study says Overeating Impresses Ladies, Men’s Health Preserved by Avoiding Buffets

Men’s health is often defined by the sculpture of our bodies. If we’re lean and fit, or better yet bound in rippling muscles, the ladies are undeniably more attracted to us. Contrary to that proven fact, though, a new study shows that women also like a man who can gorge himself on pizza – and we men are all too willing to indulge them.

Before I go any further, I have to admit that I myself have fallen victim to this theory. I was much younger then, about 16, and took a girl out to eat at the local pizza buffet. I actually managed to consume 14 (yes, 14) slices of pizza! In my defense, it was the girl’s idea to make a challenge of it. She ate 8 slices herself!

It didn’t seem to have much effect though, as there was no second date…

Study: Men Gorge to Impress Woman

Mens Health Threatened by Women who Find Pizza Gorging SexyThe study was conducted by a group of food psychology researchers at Cornell University, who wanted to know if it was true that men eat greater amounts of food when dining with female companions. They sent in a team to observe the eating habits of men at an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet.

The results were as expected, revealing that mean who were dining with women at their table ate twice as much pizza as males who were seated with other men. On average, men ate 3 slices of pizza when women were present, but averaged only 1.5 slices otherwise.

Researchers concluded that eating an excessive amount of food—or at least pizza—was one tactic men use to sway the affections of the opposite sex. Apparently, it’s no different than some impudent mating rituals observed in the wild, such as the male hippopotamus, who fling their own feces at females to gain their affections, or the male Spectacled Amazon Parrots, who spend a great deal of time kissing their chosen mate only to regurgitate in the female’s mouth, believed to represent a gift a food before mating.

The people at Men’s Health magazine found the overeating rituals of men to be a real eye opener, having never heard that “a mouth full of pepperoni was the key to a woman’s heart”. Using all resources at their disposal, they asked their colleagues at Women’s Health to publish a poll, asking their readers if they find a man who overeats to be attractive.

Surprisingly, of the survey’s 1,500 respondents, just over half of them (56%) agreed that they do find it sexy when a man stuffs his face with pizza.

On the one hand, we men now have a new weapon to add to our arsenal of successful dating material. However, I think we can all agree that gorging on a deliciously cheesy pizza pie is not the healthiest of ways to harvest a mate. If we’re constantly eating excessive amounts of food, the chances of getting a date to hit the pizza buffet with us in the first place will dramatically recede.

Let’s not forget, being fit and lean is indisputably more effective at turning the heads of the female persuasion.

Preserve Men’s Health, Avoid Buffets

To preserve men’s health, it is highly recommended to avoid buffet dining when selecting a restaurant for your next date. Buffets in general encourage us to eat more, so we feel we’re getting more bang for our buck. If you would like pizza to be on the menu, look for a pizzeria that sells by the slice.

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