Dieting and Meal Frequencies As Per Mike Chang

Believe it or not, you can eat a lot and stay skinny while at the same time creating muscles. The key lies in how you work out, the food you eat and when you eat it.

To begin, let me try to outline the different types of bodies you see at the gym, which I believe are as a result of diet and exercise types. One is the buff guy who has the belly, the buff guy who is also thin and the guy who is has neither. Ladies, I will discuss your part more in depth later in the article but many of the concepts will apply to you as well.

The guy who is buff and has a belly usually lifts heavy a lot and then eats a lot. His problem, however, is that he hardly breaks a sweat during his workouts and rests too much in between sets, which means that he is unable to activate the afterburn effect that intensifies your body’s metabolism for producing fat into muscle.

The guy who neither has muscle and is probably fairly skinny but with an awkward guy is someone only gets exercise from his daily routine and then eats when hungry coupled with some snacks here and there. That guy is also highly prone to getting fat if he lets his diet go at some point and doesn’t take his exercise that seriously.

And then there is the guy who most of you who clicked on this article are aiming to be-the buff guy who aims to have a flat waistline. This guy lifts heavy but also keeps his heart rate up intensely to burn fat during the workouts through very little rest and intense pushing. So then why can he eat a lot of food afterwards and not get fat?

If the body often performs workouts the way the buff/skinny guy does then the body will cycle differently, requiring more food to energize and replenish itself in order to avoid fatigue. Think of an automobile, the harder you rev the engine and then longer it is used at a given time the more fuel it will consume. The body is no different except that as it sucks down fuel it also has a chance to build something up-muscle.

In fact if you work out intensely and don’t eat enough food your body is likely to feel fatigued, will recover slower and will not put on muscle to its fullest capacity. If you lift a lot of weight and expect a certain muscle area to get bigger, where do you think the mass comes from? Some think it might come from other mass in the body, which unfortunately is not true as that mass will be burned off if not targeted during workouts as well.
I was stuck on how to stay thin on the waistline and yet be big in the upper and lower body sections. However, once I found out how to activate this technique my mass is growing and I am skinnier than before. Additionally, my energy is great.

There is one problem though-finding enough time to eat so much food and combine it with your exercising. In reality, this is almost a full-time job in itself, as in order to properly hit all body parts and repeat on a schedule that will allow you to create muscle you would have to go to the gym 3-4 days a week. On the bright side, if you work out the way mentioned your training times don’t have to exceed for than 70-80 minutes. Add that plus 5 meals a day and you become quite consumed with training. That’s the name of the game though and there is really no other way around it, as any great accomplishment requires constant practice and effort.

For my diet, I start off with a bowl of oatmeal mixed with flax seed, milk powder and raw honey mixed in coupled with a papaya protein shake. I cover all the major nutrients in this meal and get high protein from it as well. Following that largely depends on whether I workout mid-morning or mid-afternoon. If mid-morning I will slam a banana protein shake and then have lunch after my workout. I then have a lunch filled with vegetables and fish. If I workout around 4-5pm I will wait to eat again until lunch and then have my protein shake around 3pm after lunch.

I find that working out mid-morning works best because you can take another protein shake and then take another one at 4pm followed by dinner and other protein shake around 9. All the shakes can have different fruits or vegetables mixed in, so don’t think it is just water with protein. You also need solids to build mass and using healthy options with protein is the way to do it. When added to dinner, which usually consists of a meat dish plus 2 eggs and 2 vegetable sides my total meal intake comes to 5-6 a day.

And guess what, I am skinnier than I ever have been and am lifting more than ever as well. It works. I should note though that I have cut out pretty much most sugars from my diet, but I’d be lying if I said my mouth doesn’t touch a few cookies/pieces of chocolate a day. I don’t drink soda and avoid caffeine as well. I also drink tea throughout the day which is known for having awesome properties for digesting food and weight loss.

So there you have it. Work intensely and eat intensely if you wanna stay skinny and build muscle. If you just wanna stay skinny do the workout method and don’t eat much. Your stomach will definitely be growling if you stick to a 3-meal schedule but you will be able to lose fat safely and securely.

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