The Truth about Man Boobs, and how to Get Rid of them

Man BoobsThere’s no hiding the fact that heterosexual men love boobs – the bigger the better. But we prefer to see them on women, though, not ourselves. The “man boob” epidemic is a shameful one that, according to doctors, actually effects as many as 60% of men, and there’s two major causes for it.

Some men with man boobs are simply overweight and under-conditioned. The more body fat a man carries, the more likely it is to fill up around the exterior of the pectoral muscles, resulting in the man-boob anomaly. For others, however, it can be caused by a medical condition known as “Gynecomastia”, which we’ll talk more about in a moment.

Eliminating Man Boobs in Overweight Men

For overweight men who suffer from oversized, fat-laden pecks, man boobs aren’t too difficult to get rid of, but it will take strong determination and will power. Exercise and a proper diet are the key.

However, it’s important to note that overall body fat must be decreased – not just the fat around the chest area. Unfortunately, there is no exercise that targets the fat cells in a specific part of the body.

On the plus side, focusing predominantly on chest exercises will help build the muscle beneath those man boobs, thereby helping to spread out the fat cells and reduce the appearance of male breasts while working on body fat reduction.

According to video blogger ‘Johnny’ of Mike Chang’s SixPacKShortcuts Youtube Channel, the following series of exercises will help men get rid of those embarrassing boobs. He recommends doing 3 Rounds of Each (play the video below for more details):

-Wide push-ups
-Gorilla push-ups
-Shuffle push-ups
-Incline flys
-Plate squeezes

Gynecomastia, Causes and Remedies

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Elliot W. Jacobs, author of ‘Man Talk’ and gynecomastia specialist out of New York City, up to 60% of males suffer from some degree of the breast-enlarging condition. Gynecomastia causes a lump of tissue beneath the nipple, and can range anywhere from a miniscule, discreet lump, to an embarrassingly large, pendulous breast.

There are many potential causes of gynecomastia, including being a side-effect of multiple forms of proscribed and over-the-counter medication, as well as some homeopathic remedies. Dr. Jacob listed other causes such as aging, alcohol abuse, cancer, hereditary disorders, puberty, steroids and even the length of time one spends in their mother’s womb prior to birth.

Dr. Jacobs said the two most common ways to get rid of “man boob” are weight loss (see ‘Johnny’s’ SixPackShortcut video above) and plastic surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery, Before & After

Gynecomastia Surgery, Before & After

In severe cases, where men who are not drastically overweight, yet suffer from enlarged gynecomastia lumps beneath the nipples, plastic surgery may be the only way to eliminate the problem. It’s a costly procedure, and one that not many insurances will cover since it’s purely cosmetic, and not a health issue.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of gynecomastia surgery in 2014 was $3,333, and can vary greatly based on geographic location, type of procedure and experience of the surgeon. Patients are strongly encouraged to shop around and—for safety, satisfaction and peace of mind—restrict their search to board-certified plastic surgeons only.

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