Importance and Theory Of Lean Protein

When guys are trying to get ripped they often try to bump up their protein count. In doing so most guys eat a lot of food, a lot of which has high calories, making it hard to lose weight and have the muscles shine through without a thick layer of fat. In order to stay slim and put on muscle, trainers need to focus on lean protein. This article will take a look at some of the best foods that fit into this category.

The staple of lean protein is chicken breasts. The cheapest of chicken breasts are split breasts due to the amount of bone inside and skin on the outside. Generally in the US pricing for this is what Mike Chang calls “dirt cheap” at around US$1 per pound while other kinds of chicken breasts that do not have bones can range from US$2-4 a pound. In Chang’s opinion, the most important thing when buying chicken is the price per pound, which should not exceed US$4. Guys need to bulk up in food in order to put on muscle so eating more is necessary. Hence, if you pay so much it is going to affect your pocket book, which may persuade you away from working out.

Chicken thighs, drumsticks and wings are also good form of protein provided they are not sautéed too much with sodium or fatty sauces. However, they are high in fat so it is not recommended to eat such foods for getting lean.

When it comes to beef, the rule of thumb is that the less white color there is in a slab of meat, which indicates fat, the leaner it is. Another way of looking at a piece is to see how red it is, as the redder the higher quality and less fat it will have. If you like steak, rib eye and New York Strip are among the leanest. For ground beef, Chang recommends nothing lower than 90/10, which means 90% lean and 10% fat. The higher the lean percentage is the more expensive it is, but you also get more meat with it so it is worth it.

In terms of seafood, Chang recommends pretty much any kind. Tuna, salmon and shrimp are all low in fat and high in protein, making them an excellent source for building muscle and lowering fat. Make sure to pay attention where the seafood is coming from and whether it is fresh or farm-bred.

Turkey breasts are also good sources of protein while pork can vary due to its fat amount. Turkey tends to make people feel tired, however, so despite its nutritional value may influence the way trainers feel.

Eating vegetables in the end are probably the best way to stay lean but you need to eat a lot if you want to also build on muscle. Some of the biggest creatures in the animal kingdom only eat vegetables so this should speak for itself. However, those animals are constantly eating so unless you have that ability you may want to stick with meat unless you are a vegetarian. For vegan trainers, vegetables are also the best way to go.

Low-fat protein mix is also a good way to increase muscle and may prove to be cheaper than buying excess food. Since it is mixed with a liquid and not solids typically, this produces a slightly different effect on the body’s digestion. Most guys getting ripped eat a lot rather than drinking lots of protein because the solids can be turned into muscle mass more easily.

Make sure to keep your eyes out for coupons or buy in bulk in order to save on costs. Chang usually buys 2-4 weeks of supply at a time and cooks a week’s worth of food every week in order to make sure he is not in the kitchen or running to the grocery store all the time.


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