Is Mike Chang cheating?

There is really no way to cheat in bodybuilding. Yes, there are performance enhancing drugs that help speed up the process but unless you engage in the workout process to begin with, there is really no way for you to jump from being a scrawny guy with no confidence to a ripped and buff guy with no body fat that scores chicks left and right.

But if you don’t believe this, give it a shot. You can try to take steroids or whatever (which I do not recommend) but ultimately unless you are doing your own workouts, whether they are the workouts presented in Mike Chang videos or other things you have learned at the gym, you are not going to build muscle or lose weight or get the six-pack you desire unless you put in the time and effort.

Everything, including a good-looking physique, comes with hard work. There are no shortcuts. Mike Chang admits that he tried all sorts of powders and gimmicky nutritional plans in the past only to find that he wasn’t getting the results he wanted. So then what happened? He put in years of research coupled with trial and error to finally out together a set of methods that he believes in.

Chang did not go out of his way to get big muscles, create lots of videos to show people his workouts, invest lots of time and efforts into creating programs as well as answering fans’ emails so that he could sell a “fake” workout scheme. Or are there people out there that are really that paranoid? He put in the time because he is passionate about working out and helping other people achieve their workout goals. But if you think you can find someone else who has taken similar measures to cheat someone, be my guest and present it to me. Actually don’t, that person would be crazy and not worth meeting.

If Mike Chang is cheating at all, it’s that he has found a way to cheat his body into thinking that it needs more muscle through various techniques, which he reveals in some of his diet videos in the Six Pack Shortcut programs as in many of his online videos on YouTube. He has found ways to increase the body’s ability to pack on more muscle while cutting down body fat, and found ways to show how to maintain a healthy diet and what ways people should be eating before and after working out. In one way, that makes him one of the most successful cheaters of all, but at least for us we have benefited.

But some people remain skeptic. They remain skeptic that his body is the way it is because of drugs. However, do you have any idea of how many different drugs he would have to be taking to get his body!? Chang would have to take massive amounts of steroids coupled with diet pills in order to balance out the proper ration of muscle per low body fat that he has. He would also likely have to inject his body with tons of other supplements that would most likely end up counteracting the other things he put in his body, which would then translate into a wacky-looking deformed Mike Chang.

But that is far from the case. Mike Chang looks more healthy and buff then he ever has been and lives by the methods that he teaches. It really is that simple and to say that he is cheating is like telling someone that they cheated in learning a language fluently after putting in years of hard work to learn. Only people who have never gone down the path of putting in time knows that so if you haven’t done so then claiming Mike Chang is a cheater is particularly amusing.

But wait a minute… doesn’t the Six Pack Shortcuts imply cheating?

No, what the word “shortcuts” implies are methods that men and women can use to get good and quick abs in quicker, more efficient ways than they thought. Most men and women at the gym or at home work out improperly and in ineffective ways that otherwise hinder or drastically slow down their progress towards bringing out their abs. The online DVD series is meant to target these issues and present methods as to how people can fix them. All the methods presented are well thought out and legitimate, and last time I looked there was no mention of secrets or cheating methods for people to try.

I really wish there was a way to cheat in working out as I’m sure many others do, but unfortunately there isn’t and Mike Chang hasn’t invented it yet. Perhaps one day we will all be able to stay at home on the couch pretending like we are working out while maintaining ripped bodies but until that day comes it may be best to keep exercising and taking notes from experienced individuals like Chang who know what they are talking about.


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