How to bodybuild on a budget- 5 Mike Chang methods

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on food to pack on muscle. Mike Chang reveals his diet secrets here on how he got big with a limited budget back when he was in high school.

1. Eats lot of peanut butter sandwiches. These are not the most nutritional methods but the sandwiches are full of protein and calories your body needs to add muscle. Mike said that when he was in high school he would always be eating peanut butter sandwiches in class, going through about 5-7 a day on top of his other meals. They really do add up in a hurry and do not make you feel bloated all day, so it’s easy to eat a lot. Make sure to always have extras in your backpack.

2. Protein shakes. Mike Chang is not a heavy protein shake user but you can get big powder bags at cheaper prices nowadays and throw it into a few water bottles for when you are on the go. Constantly chug these throughout the day and do not be afraid to do so in a short period like in one chug. You could even take some of that peanut butter and throw it in the shake as well. It actually tastes surprisingly good!

3. Ritz crackers. If you are trying to lose weight Mike doesn’t recommend this but if you need to put on more calories they are a great and cheap source that won’t break the bank. Mike recommends taking about 5 crackers with each protein shake/peanut butter sandwich you take throughout the day, although your sandwiches are likely to outdo your shakes.

4. Whole milk. Milk has a lot of calories and a lot of people get over 200 calories per glass. You can substitute the water in your protein shakes with milk (remember to keep the peanut butter though) and there will be a big difference on how much you put on. However, be careful with milk as if you are trying to lose weight or are not doing burning enough calories/doing cardio etc. then you will see belly fat increase. What is funny about this though is that Mike is lactose intolerant but he said he didn’t care and wanted to just pack on as many calories as possible within his budget.

5. Don’t spend too much money on eating at one meal. You need to be eating throughout the day so don’t think that because you throw down $20 on a meal and stuff yourself crazy that this will make up for your body’s need calories to put on muscle throughout the whole day. You need to take that big deal and get enough from it right away but then spread the rest over the rest of the day. This way is much for economic. However, if you have the money to be throwing down $20 on each meal then you probably don’t need to be reading this article.

Working out doesn’t have to break the bank and if you follow some of these suggestions you may even see yourself saving a lot of money in addition to putting on muscle.

Also, the suggestions above were based on food, which is the biggest concern for people when it comes to having a budget for working out contrary to what a lot of people believe. But if obtaining a membership at a gym is also a problem, then we suggest you stick to pushups, setups, leg raises, squats, hands stands, jump roping etc. to stay creative and healthy with your workouts. Such exercises are free and can be done with limited resources in your living room so that working out doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor.


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