SPS Product History

If you are a male between the age of 18 and 35 who regularly surfs the internet, chances are you’ve seen Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts advertisement banners more times than you could count on a millipede’s appendages. That’s an allegory, by the way. A millipede does not have a thousand legs, as the name implies, or a million, as the less educated may naturally assume. In reality they have anywhere from 80 to 750 legs, due to age and each leg segment having its own pair of limbs. But I digress…

Six Pack Shortcuts has been around for quite some time now, and the success stories keep on pouring in, just like the countless dollars in Mike Chang’s bank account, to be sure. He is quite the marketing genius, hence the hundreds of YouTube videos heralding persuasive titles, like “9 minute extreme HOME cardio for ripped beach body” (over 5.5 million views) and “Advanced Ninja Abs Workout” (250k views and counting). The thing is, Mike Chang is a rare breed. He offers a program that he built himself based on his own proven results; results that he’s maintained for more than 6 years now. If he’s become a millionaire for it, all the more power to him.

Historical Timeline of Six Pack Shortcuts

In the beginning… 2004

Mike Chang started out as a reasonably frumpy young man. At about 250 pounds (113.4 kg), he was tired of his drab body and wanted to do something about it. He began purchasing fitness workout routines and dieting regimes, going to the gym, buying all of the expensive supplements that claimed to make the job easier. He even purchased some of the crazy gimmicks and gadgets on late-night info-mercials. Some of them worked, but only for the short term. The weight always came back and the fat never dissolved enough to reveal the six pack abs he had been working so hard to get.

Chang turned to his friends, many of which were in great physical shape. They weren’t body builders, just guys who could take their shirt off in public and never get a desultory look for it. They told him how they worked out, what kind of food they ate, and Mike was shocked to hear that it was completely different from all the fad diets and fitness experts he’d been paying for.

Mike decided to put together his own exercise and lifestyle routine (lifestyle because he doesn’t like the word diet). He continually built upon his own system, and within just a few months, he had achieved the visibly defined six pack abs he always wanted.


It wasn’t long before Mike Chang realized the powerful effects his system could offer others. He got his ISSA Personal Trainer Certification and was working full-time as a personal trainer, where he gained the nick-name “Six Pack Abs Coach”. Sometimes between 2009/10, Mike began talking seriously to one of his fitness clients, named Dan, who convinced him to put together a marketable fitness regime and open his own Youtube Channel.


On December 6, 2009, Mike Chang began marketing his new workout program with the purchase of the domain name, www.sixpackshortcuts.com. He had produced an entire fitness and lifestyle system, complete with viewable and/or downloadable videos and PDF instruction files, teaching others how to achieve a 2 hour workout in 30 minutes, the benefits of the “afterburn effect”, what exercises alleviate the most body fat, what foods burn the most fat and even how to prepare them without spending hours in the kitchen.


On March 1, Mike Chang and his buddy Dan uploaded their first video on Youtube, creating the SixpackShortcuts Channel. That video alone has received over 829,000 views to date.

On September 9 of 2010 – seven workout videos later (viewed a cumulative 12.4 million times to date) – Mike and Dan took it a step farther, uploading “Mike Chang’ Six Pack Shortcuts Official Intro Video”.

In November of that same year, Mike Chang began offering a new high-intensity workout called Monster Mass, designed to build extreme muscle, fast.


On July 12, 2013, Mike Chang uploaded his 200th video to his Six Pack Shortcuts Youtube Channel, celebrating over 1.7 million subscribers and well over 222 million views collectively. His Six Pack Shortcuts Channel is officially the number one fitness channel on all of Youtube.

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