Healthy Fitness Training – Even God took a Day Off

When a person develops a passion for fitness, they have a tendency to take it a bit too far. It often results in that person either losing their desire to workout, or taking it so far that they actually become unhealthy. Any genuine fitness training expert will tell you, it’s not good to work out every single day. Remember, even God took a day off!

Take a Day Off Fitness Training

It may seem like running a few miles and lifting weights on a daily basis is the only way to get fit and maintain muscle structure, but that’s not the case. There’s a whole list of reasons why it’s healthier to take a day or two off from your weekly workout regimen.

Overtraining Syndrome

There’s an actual medical term known as “overtraining”. It’s a condition brought on by excess training wherein an athlete’s body is not allowed to recover and repair itself. The side effects can be quite extreme, ranging from moodiness, low energy and tiredness to immune deficiency and dangerous levels of exhaustion.

Muscle Repair

Working out can cause enormous strain on your muscles, as any novice will tell you when they wake up sore the next morning. In fact, the level of strain can be injurious to the muscles, necessitating time for the body to rebuild and repair them. If you don’t allow yourself a day or two of rest to recover, fitness training can do much more harm to your body than good. The key is to balance the amount of exercise and rest you’re getting based on the intensity of your workouts.

Your Body Knows Best

If you feel that you are too tired and/or too sore to workout, that’s because you are. Your body will let you know when you’re ready to resume training, and when you’re not. When you wake refreshed and agile, you know it’s time to hit the gym.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Simply resting won’t help your muscles and joints to recover faster. You must be getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night. The body heals itself and distributes hormones most efficiently while sleeping, so the more sleep you get, the faster you can get back to your fitness routine.

No Guilt for Indulgence

A healthy diet is a great addition to any fitness plan, but during days of rest, it’s okay to indulge your palette. Eating skinless white-meat chicken and bean sprouts is good for your physical well-being, but your mental stability is just as important. Having a slice of pizza or cake on your days off won’t ruin anything, and can help keep you more focused during workout days.

Mix It Up

If you really want to exercise each and every day, you can do so, and still avoid overtraining, by working different muscle groups. For example, you could spend a couple of days running to tone your legs and thighs, and a few days lifting weights to work on the upper body. So long as you’re getting enough sleep, one group of muscles can repair themselves while the others are still training.

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