5 reasons Group Fitness Classes are better than going it alone

If you’ve been exercising regularly and staying in shape for years without the help of a group effort, keep it up. You’re doing great! But if you’re new to the physical fitness domain, or have found yourself struggling to sustain a routine, you may find that group fitness classes have a lot of advantages.

Group Fitness ClassesStepping foot into a gym for the first time can be as confusing as it is intimidating. Where do you start? What exercises are best for beginners? Are you doing the exercises correctly? And are you going to leave with enough confidence and motivation to keep coming back on a regular schedule?

All of these questions can be positively answered by joining a fitness group. Here are 5 good reasons why.


The number one reason so many people stop going to the gym, jogging through the park or working out at home is lack of motivation. Working out in a group provides an unparalleled level of support, not just from the instructor, whose job it is to provoke and inspire their class, but from the other members who may be suffering the same afflictions in confidence.

When everyone works together and supports one another, you get a sense of empowerment. That feeling lasts with you and helps pump you up for the next session.


Workouts are only good if you’re using proper form. Walking into a gym and lifting weights or using the myriad machinery without any safety knowledge can be extremely dangerous and cause long-term – if not permanent – injuries.

A licensed instructor will always teach proper form, whether it’s how to maneuver a medicine ball, protecting your neck and back during sit-ups, crunches and lunges, or using all of those shiny machines on the gym floor.


Most gyms and athletic clubs will offer a variety of group fitness classes that help you balance your workouts between cardio, HIIT, weight training and targeting specific muscle groups. They should also be designed for different levels of athleticism – beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Choosing a variety of classes that match your fitness level is crucial to achieving the desired results. It’s very important to mix up your routine because it will keep challenging your body in different ways, which delivers the all-important boost in metabolism.


Group fitness classes should be delivered in a 3-step process – the warm-up, the workout, and the cool-down. If you walk into a gym and head straight for the weight machines, you could be putting your body at risk.

This takes us back to the ‘Form’ category. Warm-ups and cooldowns will help prevent unnecessary injuries and ensure the best possible results from each and every session.


Group fitness can be incredibly gratifying in so many ways. Most importantly, working out with other people is more fun, and when something is fun, we want to do more of it.

Experiencing our own positive results is a great motivator, but so is observing the success of others who are partaking in the same exercise routines. If you’re not getting any gratification out of your exercise routine, there’s not much chance you’ll want to keep doing it.

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