Would Mike Chang Approve of This ?

Is it a good idea to pick up a girl at a gym? Simply put, unless you plan on going back to the gym or it is in your area of residence then it is best to avoid this. Like the old saying goes-“Don’t shit where you eat.”

Why shouldn’t you shit where you eat? Because it is smelly, leaves a bad impression, and you can count on girls forming clicks that will turn against you. Believe me, I have seen this happen several times and it isn’t pretty. A girl may show interest in you and then next thing you know you are trying to play the field in a dome where the odds are set against you because in the end, you are not going to have any toilet paper to wipe yourself from the disaster left in your pants from trying to pick up a chick at the gym.

The gym is a place where you are going to run into the same people day in and out, assuming you are a regular there. While making friends can be a great opportunity, getting too close with a girl and trying to extend it to a romantic relationship can be harmful and you may find yourself quickly looking for a new gym afterwards if you break up.

Think about how many relationships turn out. Assuming they break up, chances are one of the people are going to feel hurt or saddened in some way, making it difficult to see that person in the future. If you are going to the gym to blow off steam or work towards some kind of goal, seeing that person is going to be a major distraction and undoubtedly will drive you away from that place. You will be met with awkward stares and chances are she may even try to flirt with other guys while you are around just to piss you off. All of this is unnecessary drama that you don’t need and should avoid.

What’s worse is that you may know girls are clicky. No doubt she has other friends there who even though they used to like you and should not be upset over the fact you two broke up (unless you cheated), they will turn their backs against you, forming what seems to be an alliance against your very existence.

There is a time for everything and developing a relationship at a gym is rarely a good idea. Alternatively, you should look to other social functions not involved with your gym if you are trying to find someone who is athletic and sporty. Getting out of your familiar surroundings can be beneficial in many other ways, as it will open up doors otherwise not known to you rather than close them from a relationship gone wrong.

Our analysis of this scenario is bleak to say the least. We are not pessimistic about relationships; rather, we would like to see them succeed free from drama. Also, financially speaking, if you need to quit your gym as a result of your breakup you may be faced with heavy fees and forced to relocate elsewhere. Hell, she may even relocate with you just to make your life difficult so play it cool and stay away. The ball is in your court, however, so make sure you are not getting served and leaving a mess that can’t be cleaned up.

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