10 healthy tips to get you in shape for 2014

Spring is around the corner and summer will be here before you know it. That means it’s that time for you to come out of hibernation from a long winter and start getting active again. But before you start hitting the gym too hard here are some tips to make the transition smoother.

1. Keep your vitamin count up. You may have taken less vitamins over the winter, as most people get their vitamins from fruits and cold drinks such as orange juice that are usually taken less during colder temperatures, so increasing this intake will help you regain strength and stamina.
2. Drink plenty of fluids. In general it is good to drink as many fluids as possible in order to keep the body replenished and the same applies for people going into warmer temps for colder ones. In fact, a lot of people are susceptible to dehydration as a result of warming up to new temperatures, albeit they may be relatively low. However, regardless of how low they are it is the sudden increase that throw’s peoples’ bodies off and may even dehydrate them regardless of the better weather.
3. Maintain reasonable sleeping hours. Try to get 7 hours of sleep during the hours of midnight to 7am or earlier. Oversleeping may actually cause you to feel drowsier.
4. Get outside more. The sun is finally out and it is now possible to walk around outside without the possibility of getting frostbite. Getting out for some fresh air and sunshine will help your body deal with the change of seasons and get you rejuvenated in a different way.
5. Eat healthy. Drop the sweets and other fatty foods you got accustomed to over the winter and enjoy the new fruits and vegetables that are in season within your community.
6. Walk and ride your bike more. The world is a big place and sometimes you see it in more detail when you are not driving by at fast speeds. Also, you will get some exercise benefits from it as well.
7. Drink more tea. A lot of people are afraid of tea for some reason but actually it helps with digestion, revitalizing energy and balancing out emotions, especially at times when weather patterns are changing drastically.
8. Eat less and more frequently in order to prevent drowsiness and maintain good blood and energy circulation.
9. Get involved. Getting involved with a group, whether it be athletic based or not, will get you out of the house and away from some of the bad habits such as sitting on the couch that were acquired over winter. Getting social also helps bring about mental health and happiness as well.
10. Plan a trip. It doesn’t have to be far or expensive. Just get out somewhere that will give you a new perspective on life and your surroundings.

Staying healthy is a lot more than just eating boiled carrots with no taste. It is also a state of mind, attitude and routine that takes into consideration a balance of mind, body and spirit so to speak. Without one or the other, the body is essentially imbalanced. That is why when someone is mentally afflicted with certain emotions they cannot focus on much else and become distracted, thus intensifying the possibility of putting on weight as dieting and exercise becomes neglected.

Being in shape overall doesn’t have to be a chore, rather a routine. Just as you get up to take shower or brush your teeth, you need to actively try some of the above-mentioned proposals and incorporate them into your daily life until they become natural. In the beginning, becoming conscious of such methods may seem daunting and perhaps even overwhelming, but with time they become natural and second nature. There is no reason to feel intimidated by being healthy, and accepting the challenge to improve your life is one you will not regret, as it will improve your overall mental and physical health.

Once you start becoming healthy you feel much different and your viewpoints on the environment change as well. Staying healthy offers a new view on life as well as new experiences, as you are both mentally and physically open to new possibilities that you otherwise didn’t have before.

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