Vivomove: Sleek Analog style in a Fitness Tracker? You go, Garmin!

Some of us love the sleek, sporty design of today’s most advanced, multi-tasking fitness trackers. Then there’s those of us who prefer the classic, business-style fashion of a polished analog watch. For anyone who falls into the later group, you’ll be happy to know that’s the latest trend in fitness tracking devices.

This morning, Garmin announced the introduction of its latest fitness tech. It’s called the Vivomove, and you’d never know it was a fitness tracker just by looking at it. It comes in an array of colors and designs – with a price scale to match – all with analog facial features.

The Vivomove isn’t for hard-core athletes though. Due to its design, it doesn’t come with a touch screen and multitude of fitness data to scroll through at your fingertips. Instead, it links up with Garmin’s Connect Mobile system to deliver the most valuable information, accessible through the users mobile device.

What Does Garmin Vivomove Track?

Garmin Vivomove Analog Watch and Fitness TrackerThe fashion-savvy Vivomove tracks and delivers three major pieces of information; activity, inactivity and sleep. But it’s not as simplistic as it sounds. Using the Garmin Connect Mobile app, users can see lots more information and set their daily steps goal, which the fitness tracker monitors and displays directly on the watch.

Look closely at the face of the Garmin Vivomove (pictured right), and you’ll notice to curved lines on each side of the hands’ axis. The left side fills with a black meter to show a user’s progress towards their daily goal. On the right, a red meter fills when the user has been inactive for too long.

The inactivity meter will fill halfway once the user has been idle for one hour. From there, it continues to climb every 15 minutes, and won’t reset until the wearer becomes active by walking around for a few minutes.

Battery, Water Resistance, Customization

One of the fitness tracker’s most appreciated aspects is its 1-year battery life. Most of today’s high-tech fitness trackers must be charged about least once a week, but the style-focused Vivomove will last up to a full 12 months before. It’s not rechargeable though – you’ll have to replace the traditional watch battery once it stops.

Vivomove also comes with an impressive 5-ATM water resistance rating, which means it can be submerged up to 50 meters under water before succumbing to damage. Unlike so many other fitness trackers (and analog watches) on the market, you can swim and shower in the Garmin Vivomove without fear.

Since the bands are interchangeable, those with a genuine fashion sense can switch them out to match any fancy, business or casual ensemble. Buyers can purchase additional bands for $29.99 (black or white silicone), with leather bands in black, dark brown, light brown, rose white or rose gold for $59.99. The Vivomove can also be customized with any other 20mm band on the market.

Garmin Vivomove Priced at $150-$300

The Garmin Vivomove comes with a range of price tags, from about $150 to $300, depending on the desired style.

The black or white sport editions with silicone band are available now from $149.99.

The classic style, available in black or rose gold-tone with a leather band, retails for $199.99.

The ‘premium’ version, in stainless steel or gold-tone steel with leather band, will run you $299.99.

Dan Bartel, VP of Worldwide Sales at Garmin, was proud to laud the introduction of their new, fashionable fitness tech.

“The style-focused vívomove is an exciting addition to Garmin’s wide-ranging line of activity trackers, making it easier than ever to stay fashionable and active,” said Bartel. “Whether you’re heading into the boardroom or walking into a ballpark, vívomove has you and your steps covered.”

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