Fitness Enthusiast Guide to Following Mike Chang Online

Ever wonder the best places to find all the latest and greatest info regarding Mike Chang? Below is a compilation of the main sources people can learn about new workouts and tips form the Fitness Guru himself.

Mike Chang got his biggest start online through his YouTube channel. In the channel, Chang takes you through every sort of exercise and muscle training tip he can think of through homemade videos that look like they were shot on a phone camera.

Despite the lack of professional quality the training itself is very professional and most widely referenced on any online forum on the web. There have been any other online fitness coaches that appeared before Chang but few have rose to popularity like him as he gives away so much information and tips to people for free.

Chang also has a Twitter account that attracts almost 20,000 followers

This is a good site for helping you stay motivated everyday. Mike often posts pics with quotes or directly writes quotes in order to remind people the benefits of working out; what it takes to keep going, as well as humorous info related to workout blurbs.

The pics Mike Chang usually post on Twitter are educational. For example, Chang posted nutritional (or lack thereof) information on products such as Pepsi in addition to fatty foods in order to educate his audiences. This is something he does not go to in depth as much on YouTube, as that is where he wants his videos to be instructional in a workout sense, rather then statistical and educational.

On Twitter, Mike also posts updates on people who use his products and their reviews in addition to success stories of other people who have used one of his programs such as Insane Home Fatloss or Six Pack Shortcuts to keep audiences informed rather than trying to hawk his products in videos.

On the Twitter page Mike appears to be very concerned with reaching goals and creating success. Often citing Bruce Lee, Chang in one way or another often tells his audiences they need to make mistakes, try harder, embrace struggle, accept challenges, do not fear pain and much more in order to stay on path in life, rather it be fitness related or not.

Mike Chang’s attitude on Twitter in many ways reflects his positive and gregarious attitude on YouTube so it seems that all his hype isn’t for show. It almost seems that he is over the top at times with trying to help people become king of the jungle in their own respect as he once was considered a failure among many and later turned successful after facing many hardships in working out.

If there were one animal Mike Chang would relate to based off his Twitter posts it would be a lion, as it dominates the animal kingdom. Chang really wants everyone to dominate and dictate their own lives, which is also probably why he made his own videos that teach people exercises at home and other do-it-yourself techniques.

On Facebook meanwhile, Chang has 226,000 followers. This page is also a great page in that it is very interactive with “likers” of the page. Often, Chang posts pics and articles similar to what he does on Twitter but he often replies to messages posted publicly.

For example, when Mike posts a video many people will ask questions such as “Mike, regarding the xxx exercise, is there an alternative hand position I should do?” or “Mike, how long will it take me to get ripped?” or “Mike, will you go out with me?”

Assuming the question is relevant to the video Mike inevitably replies and it is hard to find a post where Chang did not provide some sort of insight that benefited the audience. Most trainers just things and allow their audiences to argue amongst themselves, however Chang doesn’t do that.

Mike Chang’s Facebook page also indicates that he is a big fan of Bruce Lee as well as Batman. Apparently Chang thinks Batman is more powerful than Superman, or at least more badass. However, we have yet to receive such confirmation from the man himself.

Some people also think that Mike has appeared in various porn videos. We have yet to see any and are not going out of our way to find them either, so unless a clear channel with him in regards to this pops up we do not believe that such a channel currently exists.

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