Showcasing the most Amazing New Fitness Tech from CES 2016

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a can’t-miss for anyone who loves getting their hands—or at least their eyes—on the latest and greatest developments in the electronics world, before they hit the market. Fitness tech has been a big highlight of CES 2016, with several incredible devices that caught my attention above the rest. Let’s take a look.

Skulpt Chisel – Body Fat/Muscle Indicator

Skulpt Chisel Fitness Tech CES 2016Skulpt Chisel is a new piece of fitness tech with some very unique features that measure body fat percentage, as well as the quality of muscles. By sending 24 magnetic pulses throughout the body via the 12 sensors located on the back of the device, Skulpt Chisel is able to tell users how well their individual muscles are toned.

The Bluetooth-enabled fitness tech went on display Tuesday at 2016 CES, where exhibitors detailed its capabilities. On the front screen, the user can select which muscles they want scanned, then place the sensors on that area of the body to get a detailed review within seconds. A measurement in the 60’s range means the muscle needs toning, while anything over 100 is above average.

Developers are currently working on an app upgrade to provide personal fitness advice based on a user’s results.

Skulpt Chisel is scheduled to begin shipping in February 2016 for USD $99.

Solos – Performance Eyewear for Cyclists

Solos Fitness Tech CES 2016

Solos are heads-up, hands-free eyewear fitness tech specifically designed for cyclists, and they’re as technologically advanced as they are aesthetically stunning. These unique sunglasses could easily be compared to the less-popular introduction of Google Glass, but with intense performance upgrades and a much more sleek design.

No longer will cyclists need to look down at a smartphone, or remove a hand from the handlebars to press any buttons. Solos do it all, including voice activated commands and a heads-up display (HUD) that delivers information like distance, speed, duration, heart rate and more.

Destined for retail in the second half of 2016, these cool shades won’t come cheap, selling for USD $500.

Altra IQ – Smart-Shoes for Runners

Altra IQ Fitness Tech CES 2016

We’ve seen tons of wearable clothing fitness tech on the market lately, from sensor-infused shorts and bras to high-tech socks. Altra Running has expanded the boundaries by revealing the athletic world’s very first smart-shoes, known as the Altra IQ.

Designated by Altra founder, Golden Harper, as the “Running coach in a box”, the ultra-techy sneaks have pressure sensors and accelerometers built into them, giving them the capability of delivering all sorts of useful information to runners via smartphone sync. The app stores data relating to everything from balance, cadence and pace, to pronation and rate of contact with the ground.

A pair of Altra IQ will be available in men’s and women’s varieties for USD $200 in the Spring of 2016.

Veta – Smartest EpiPen Case in the World

Veta EpiPen Case CES 2016

While the new Veta has nothing to do with fitness tech, its amazing development was so impressive, I had to mention it. The Veta is a special high-tech case for EpiPens, and if you have any severe allergies, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The Bluetooth case is capable of telling its owner if they might have walked out the front door without their life-saving EpiPen. If the owner (or rather, the owner’s smartphone) gets too far away from the Veta, an alarm signals to ensure they never leave home (or potentially go into anaphylactic shock) without it.

The app comes with a “find me” feature so that, if ever you need your Veta-encapsulated EpiPen, you can simply press a button on your smartphone and the case sounds an alarm to help lead you right to it. The app also comes with a multitude of safety features to help users avoid severe allergic reactions.

Simply put, if you carry an EpiPen, you need the Veta!

Expected to ship in February 2016, buyers can currently preorder their case at a discounted rate of USD $59.

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