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If you need some help achieving your workout goals, then you’re in luck, as there is a wealth of information out there. The internet is your best friend in this regard, but not all information online is credible, as a dietitian from Health explains: “I find myself shaking my head, rolling my eyes, and asking, “Where on Earth did you read that?””

The thing about the internet is that everyone has an opinion and some are not afraid to express it. However, when an unsuspecting newcomer comes across this information and interprets it as fact, it becomes a problem. The ideal type of workout program should be based on solid information from the best kind of sources. This includes professional athletes such as Tobias Young, personal trainers and anyone who has walked the walk.

Top YouTube Resource – Six Pack Shortcuts

YouTube is a great place to find help with exercising. One YouTube channel you should definitely visit is Sixpackshortcuts, which was put together by Mike Chang. Here you will find information on what it takes to get a six pack without all the BS. Mike does plug products now and again, such as his Afterburn Fuel pre-workout supplement, but along the way he gives away so much great advice that you’ll want to buy his products as a way of saying thanks.

The best workout resource is one which covers all the bases, everything from nutrition to motivation. After all, if there is a chink in your armor then it could develop into something much bigger.

Web MD – The Trusted Resource

The best place for credible health information is Web MD, a haven for all things health related. For example, this page gives some advice on weight resistance training. Since the website was created by doctors, or individuals equally qualified to talk about health, you can rest assure that the information is reliable.

It’s a breath of fresh air to see an authoritative website like this when there are so many blogs out there giving false advice in the hope of selling a product. – A Colossal Volume Of Information is the best place for info on fitness and bodybuilding, with a large number of personal trainers, bodybuilding competition winners, and pro athletes all using the site and contributing to the vast amount of articles and forum posts.

For example, this article is a guide on insulin, a topic that can be rather confusing at times due to the terminology and conflicting ideology. The science editor Jim Stoppani goes into great detail and uses easy to understand infographics to get his points across. This is the kind of invaluable information you can expect to find on the website. – Exercises Galore is an exercise instructional site that contains more exercises than you’ll know what to do with. Mixing up your workout from time to time with new exercises is important to challenge your body and get past plateaus. has over 1,500 exercises in total. The website itself has a clean look, which makes browsing through its many pages simple and enjoyable. There is nothing worse than a website which has good content yet makes things too complicated due to a poor and cluttered interface.

Handling Information Overload

With an immense amount of information, it can be difficult to know where to begin, and who to trust when you encounter contradictions. You need to understand that the amount of information you digest does not relate directly to the amount of knowledge you have, as this article from Better Lived Life suggests. You need to read the right kind of information to get the right knowledge, and that is achieved by choosing your sources carefully.

The list of resources mentioned in this article is a good place to start, and will keep you going for a long time.

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