How exercising can improve anger, self-esteem and depression

Anger, self-esteem and depression are often common traits among teenagers. While we are not experts on the topic and believe that if you have severe symptoms you should see a doctor, we do think that in many cases such issues can be resolved naturally and safely simply through exercising.

Why is that? Well, when we say exercising there is more to it than just wearing old shorts and a t-shirt while looking at yourself in the mirror. Exercising gets you healthy, involved and relieves stress.

1. Relieving anger. A great way to relieve anger is to lift weights or to do some kind of physical activity that does not hurt others. In fact, guys like it when they have some anger in them at the gym because it helps them lift more, so you can see that the anger can be turned into something positive! That aside, when you lift weights it helps you release some of that hormone and testosterone energy that gets built up as a teenager and puts it into something productive. In fact, not knowing what to do with your anger is one of the major reasons why people are always so angry in the first place! If, however, you can see that your anger goes into working out and you get either ripped or healthy from it, you will start to see your anger as something more positive and accept it for what it is. Therefore, exercising can play a big role in achieving this and it also helps you take away your attention from your negative thoughts into thoughts of progressing yourself forward.

2. Relieving stress. Relieving stress in many ways is like relieving anger in that you engage in an activity that allows you to work off your negative emotions and turn them into positive activity. For example, when I am really pissed off or stressed I imagine that all my stress and anger go into the weights I am lifting. This gives me extra power when pushing and I am often able to lift more than I normally would! As a result, I get buff quicker and can even run further when I am in that state, so in a strange way, growth, at least from a physical standpoint, occurs. How interesting!

3. Improving self-esteem. Because you chose exercising as a means to get your anger or stress out, whether you are a guy or girl, you are definitely going to see some results in your physique as a result. For girls, they can get trimmer or in some cases put on necessary weight while guys can gain muscle as well as lose or gain weight, depending whether you want to gain muscle or lose weight.

Your anger, stress and self-esteem can be improved through working out for the above-mentioned reasons. Also, from a biological standpoint, working out helps the body release endorphins, which play a big role in improving peoples’ attitudes and overall happiness level.

To exercise, you can join groups at school or at community centers, which will also give you a sense of belonging and involvement with others, which are also great ways to improving your stress and anger levels while giving you the courage to meet new people and improve your self-esteem as a result.

When you are not with those groups, we recommend that you follow different exercise programs to help you keep consistency and save money that would otherwise be spent on gyms. One of those programs could be the Mike Chang Six Pack Shortcuts workouts, which guys tend to like, as well as the Insane Home Fatloss program, which is suitable for both guys and girls. Both are great and cheap options to getting you grounded with some workout techniques and will lift up your spirits due to Mike’s gregarious character.


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