The Crunning Movement: Grab your Gloves, it’s Time to Exercise!

To all you fitness fanatics out there, we’ve unearthed a new exercise trend that may soon make its way to the western hemisphere. It’s recently been labeled “Crunning”; a combination of crawling and running, and yes – it’s exactly what you just imagined.

New Exercise Trend CrunningAs ridiculous as it may sound, groups of exercise gurus are getting down on all fours, crunning their way through city parks, down sidewalks and even on field tracks. The idea is to run with your feet, while propelling yourself forward with your hands, and according to one hard-core crunning enthusiast, it’s a beast for bulking up the thighs.

Australian media outlet,, said the new exercise trend seems to have originated in the east-central city of Zhengzhou, China, the capital of the Henan Province. People of the city were documented “crawl-walking” through the community.

About three weeks ago, coinciding with the launch of a new Facebook page called Crunning Movement, it caught the attention of numerous fitness fanatics across Australia.

Crunning Movement was launched by Shaun McCarthy (a.k.a. ‘Crunmaster Shaun’) of Northcote, Victoria. According to McCarthy, the Crossfit movement that is already in full swing has people seeking out new ways to exercise, and no matter how unusual the activity may be, he believes true fitness strivers will look at the overall benefits and join the crunning movement.

34 year old McCarthy says crunning is a much better full-body exercise than traditional running. “It’s an opportunity to exercise your upper body as well as your lower body,” he told “After half a kilometre you’re slaughtered. It’s really good for the thighs I’ve found. I’m really bulking out.”

Sturdy Gloves Required

Before novice crunners take to the streets, Crunmaster Shaun strongly encourages people to get a good pair a heavy duty gloves. His personal choice is a pair of thick and highly durable welding gloves to protect his hands.

“You really need those gloves,” said McCarthy. “Thank God I got them. You certainly wouldn’t want to do it barehanded, you need to cover those fingers.” He also noted that, “any sneakers are fine, it’s just the gloves that are crucial.”

Crunning isn’t exactly sweeping the nation of Australia just yet, but McCarthy believes it will eventually become a staple of Crossfit training. His ultimate goal is to help insight a boundless crunning movement.

“We’re going to start meet-up groups,” he said. “A lot of it is fun, but as it gets bigger it will grow into a serious fitness thing.”

Is Crunning a Healthy Form of Exercise?

The problem with all new exercise trends is that they haven’t yet undergone the scrutiny of medical physicians. Crunning may be a quick way to bulk up thighs while working out all of the major muscles of the body, but could it cause more harm than good?

Just watching some of the videos on crunning, there’s a clear question of potential neck and back strain. (My neck already hurts just thinking about it!)

While we’ll be watching to see how quickly the crunning movement escalates around the world, we’ll also keep an eye out for reports from the medical society to let our readers known just how safe it is.

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