Three Excuses Moms Use to Avoid Exercise, and Easy Solutions

Are you a mother with young children? Chances are, you find it very difficult to carve out enough time in your day, or even week, to get in some all-important exercise for moms. There are some very common excuses used by moms to avoid exercising, and while I’m not disputing the validity of those circumstances, there are definitely some easy solutions worth considering.

Exercise for MomsA study by Edison Research found that 47% of mothers exercise less than three days a week, and 15% make no time for fitness at all. Juggling a family, keeping up the house and staying fit is a tough at the same time task, but it’s one that can be achieved with just a few minor changes to your priority list.

The top three excuses used by moms to explain why they don’t exercise are that they don’t have enough time, they don’t have enough energy, and that it’s simply too expensive. Let’s explore…

Not Enough Time to Exercise for Moms

Managing a full house takes a lot of time. Whether you work at home or outside the house, the struggle to carve out a little time for yourself to focus on exercise is a genuine one. An hour long Spinning or Zumba class, followed by a shower, isn’t something all busy moms can manage. But do you think you can find just 1 minute for intense exercise?

A report by PLOS One indicates that 1 minute of high-intensity exercise, between a very brief warm-up and cool-down period (crucial to avoid injury), can be just as beneficial as a moderate 45 minute session. Surely you can find just 5 or 6 minutes to focus on yourself. And after all, where would your children be if they didn’t have a healthy you to tuck them in at night?

And what about the park? All kids love parks, and most parks have a walking track around them these days. If the kids are old enough, let them play in the park while you take a few laps around the track, keeping an eye on them at the same time, of course. For the younger kids, pushing a stroller along is always a great way to get exercise for moms.

I’m So Tired, I Don’t Have the Energy

If you have young children, especially 3 and under, chances are you’re woken up in the middle of the night on a very regular basis. That means you’re going to be running on empty all day. But did you know exercise can give you a great burst of energy?

Just taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood can give you energy that lasts for hours. And the sense of accomplishment that comes with it doesn’t hurt either. It doesn’t have to be every day, or last longer than 10 minutes, but it’s worth noting that the more you exercise, the more energy you’ll get from it.

On extreme occasions, however, when you’re completely exhausted and find yourself with 30 minutes or an hour to kill, taking a nap can be the better option. So long as you’re finding two to three days a week to exercise, the benefits will be dramatic.

I Can’t Afford a Gym Membership

It’s a common misconception that you have to join a gym or go to exercise classes in order to get fit. That’s simply not the case. You can get the same benefits without spending a dime.

There are plenty of outdoor activities that can achieve similar results as the equipment found in a gym. Walking, jogging or running is the most cost-efficient way to get exercise for moms. If you have or can afford a bicycle, go for rides when you can. If they’re old enough, you can even take the kids along with you for a family exercise session.

Maybe it’s winter time or the weather isn’t cooperating. That’s okay, too. Indoor exercise is easy enough with the proper equipment, and by equipment I mean a simple towel can do the trick. Check out these towel workout tips for some examples.

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