Essential Supplements for Strength and Bulk

In truth there are no “essential” supplements as you really can get to where you want t be by eating solidly and exercising hard, but if you’re adamant on achieving a quick fix then there are some supplements that have been proven to help. We have listed the best of these in this article so you can get a foot-up with your training.

Protein Powder

Protein really is an essential for all strength athletes, and if you can’t get enough of this in your diet then you need to purchase some protein powder. There are many forms of this, including pea protein, whey protein, whey protein isolate, casein protein and more. Which one you choose depends on your goals and your dietary requirements, but all of them give you a hearty dose of protein, which is what you need.

Amino Acids

Of course, protein is no good without amino acids. These are the building blocks of life after all, and they can work wonders in your body. Most amino acids occur naturally and are abundant in your body, but that doesn’t account for all of them, which is why you should consider picking up an amino acid supplement.


Creatine is also a natural chemical, found in red meat in small doses. The powdered form delivers a higher concentration of this substance, which has been proven to increase strength and muscle mass. A lot of the weight you put on with creatine is water weight and will disappear after you finish using it, but the strength that you gain is very real and will also help you to achieve some real gains.


I’m surprised that this doesn’t get as much attention as it does. Colostrum has been proven to get real results, often more so than creatine. This is basically mother’s milk. It is was cows feed to their newborn calfs and contains everything they need to grow. It sounds a little gross, but you don’t need to drink it as it comes in a powdered and tablet form. Tests have proven that supplementing with colostrum can improve performance by as much as 10% in strength athletes, which is not bad when you consider that this is a natural product and one that doesn’t have any side effects.


Of course, if you push your body hard then you should always ensure you take a multi-vitamin, but don’t overdo it. Many multi-vitamins currently on the market boast huge levels of vitamins, and these are simply not needed. It’s just an expensive way of turning your pee yellow. Opt for something simply, something that will give you a basic amount of all minerals and vitamins, and let your diet top-up the rest.

You should also remember that different people need different vitamins. Not only do our bodies work differently, but our diets are also different. Vegetarians may struggle to get doses of B vitamins and iron, people who don’t eat a lot of leafy greens may be low in magnesium and people who don’t consume much dairy may be low on calcium. Understand your body and find the multi-vitamin that works for you.

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