Mike Chang Body Transformation

Countless individuals, much like myself, have seen the ads, the videos, the Six Pack Shortcut website, the famous before-and-after picture depicting Mike Chang’s body transformation. It’s amazing what one man was able to do when he set his mind to it, and as you may have guessed by the simple fact that I’ve built an online shrine to the man, I was able to achieve the same results by following his six pack ab program. Assuming you are reading this because you have a similar goal in mind, let’s talk about how Mike Chang went from blubbery to burly in just a few months’ time.



Mike was just your average guy; spare tire in the front, love handles in the back, and not nearly enough confidence to perpetuate a love life. He had some well-built friends, though, and after wasting years trying to get in shape by himself, he finally asked them for some simple advice that helped him achieve some of his goals. From there, he decided to develop his own plan for getting what he (and every other man, whether they admit it or not) wants… a real six pack.


Chang had already tried all the fad diets and gimmicky exercise equipment, so taking the dietary and fitness knowledge he’d gotten from his friends, he delved further into his own research on foods and how different nutriment affects the human body. He developed his own eating plan (surprisingly enough, it doesn’t limit your calorie intake), and studied what types of fitness routines build specific muscle groups.


Mike’s in-depth research paid off immensely. Once he developed a formula for success, which included his signature ‘afterburn effect’, he put it to the test and within just 12 weeks’ time, his stomach had gone from bulbous to muscularly defined. If you look at Mike Chang’s before and after pictures, you can see just how demarcated his abs, as well as many other muscle groups had become after three months of boosting his dietary intake and working out the right muscle groups.


Since Mike first got his strapping six pack, he has continued to produce workout videos on YouTube, furthering improving his own chiseled physique to the precisely sculpted specimen he is today, more than 6 years later.


As one of the many success stories of Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts, I’m not ashamed to admit that my own body transformation did not go smoothly, either. I made many mistakes before I came across Mike’s YouTube channel; many of the same mistakes I later found out he had made, too. I tried the low carb diets, the low fat diets, the metabolism boosting pills, a few medieval ab-crunching contraptions, even that thing you wrap around your waist that shocks your muscles into thinking they are working themselves. Believe me when I tell you – they don’t work! And when I found Mike Chang’s program, I was utterly convinced it was nothing but another waste of money, which is why I say it took me so long to go from “Who’s this Mike Chang guy?” to “Eureka! I love you Mike Chang!”


It took me 8 months from the time I found Six Pack Shortcuts to the time I completed my own Mike Chang body transformation. That includes the first month, where I watched a few videos just for fun, while thinking this guy was totally nuts, plus the two months I refused to watch anymore videos because I was convinced I’d give in and waste my money on them, and then two more months I spent wondering if this guy really was on to something, and conducting my own research to find out. The last three months went to actually purchasing his program, using it, and getting the amazing body and six pack abs I never thought was possible.






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