Virtual Training On The Rise

Having worked out for several years I have gone back and forth on whether I think online tutorials for working out are of value. Most online educational resources are not able to grasp the totality of a certain topic and present it in a comprehensive way that students could get from asking questions to a teacher. More so, when it comes to asking questions or receiving support, you are often left with phone calls outsourced to India or the Philippines where individuals with little or no knowledge of the subject matter answer your phone calls, leaving you feeling frustrated and at a loss.

With working out, however, I have found I have not run into these problems for multiple reasons. First, workout videos work very well due to the visual aspect involved. Unlike online language resources and other audio materials, workout videos are visual and filled with comprehensive tips that include examples from real life people for posture, balance and form. Additionally, a person demonstrates to you the exercises in real time to show you how they work and prove whether they make you sweat and activate certain muscle groups. The experience is real and crafted to fit a variety of peoples’ demands.

When it comes to customer support, only individuals with workout history and development are allowed on board as the topic is too specific and sensitive for it to otherwise be outsourced. You know right away how well customer support is at online resources depending on how quickly and thoroughly they answer questions. These people need to have experience to answer questions whereas customer support representatives for other products need to simply look at a manual and read off content in which they are unfamiliar. Trainers tend to be straight forward people and there isn’t much BS that comes along with products I have found on the market.

In particular, Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts series does a reputable job in providing real-time, accurate information on its videos coupled with a staff that is willing to answer questions related to health and working out. If you purchase one of the company’s DVD series you also gain access to a special hotline in which you can talk directly to professionals who are familiar with the Mike Chang series and have practiced the exercises. However, I found myself not even having to use that hotline as Mike Chang takes you through his exercises thoroughly and explains the proper posture, rep count and recovery methods associated with each exercise. Chang is genuinely concerned about creating a comprehensive program and it shows after you practice it for a while.

To get started with your workouts or to even learn how you can improve them, ordering a video series such as his are worth the investment, especially considering the price compared to if you were to learn all the exercises with a trainer, or worse, on your own with not even a video to help you learn posture and training methods.

I do think there should be a balance between working out with other individuals who have also worked out for a long time such as trainers. While I did find myself improving a lot from Chang’s videos I had a trainer look over my workouts to make sure they were as good as I thought. The trainers approved and in fact even got many of their exercises from the same sources, but what was different is that they were able to point out things wrong with my posture that I otherwise didn’t notice as well as offer tips on how to get the most out of a certain workout.

With that said, I would invest in an online resource and practice it until you feel you can’t go any further with it. From there on you can have a coach or another trainer look over what you are doing and offer help as to how and move forward. I did so this way and invested $100 for a few classes, and I think it was well worth the investment. Had I not had a structure and frame of reference already I probably would have wasted too much time reviewing stuff I could have learned online, so combining the two resources and starting from a video series is probably the safest, cheapest and most efficient way to make the most of your workout investment.

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