Does Mike Chang use steroids?

No. And let me explain why.

Many people who become successful at what they do often receive high amounts of criticism and by others, often being called “cheaters” or “scammers” of some sort. This is mainly because other competitors are jealous, they want to get the success for themselves, and believe that portraying someone negatively will get them or their program more attention. Have you ever noticed that in other scenarios?

In Mike Chang’s case, because he is a workout buff the first thing people will say about him is that he used steroids or somehow cheated to get where he is at, as if the only way someone can put on muscle is through performing-enhancing drugs. By the same logic, Mike Chang would have had invested thousands of dollars in liposuction to get rid of all his body fat just so that he could look good get ripped to make hours and hours of videos for the public. More so, he would have to keep going back to get the surgery and constantly take steroids in order to keep the same body throughout all his videos…

It just doesn’t make sense, and if it sounds weird, that’s because it is.


Mike started off scrawny and overweight like many of us. The main difference between him and us is that he went to great lengths to discover what workout and diet methods work best for putting on muscle and cutting down fat. He failed along the way many times but eventually got it right and decided that he wanted to share his knowledge with everyone. Yes, there really are people that awesome and altruistic today, and not everything is a scam or fake like people want you to think.

It is good that you have questions about the Six Pack Shortcuts program as everyone wants to get the best program to achieve their goals (believe me we are all in the same boat), but you need to consider what you are seeing in Mike Chang’s videos online and try them out. Mike Chang really does offer the most comprehensive workout plans and tips online, and if you have ever tried even one of them you already know they work awesome. If they start working for you and you see benefit from the workouts, you would probably get pissed that someone would accuse your hard work as a result of cheating through some kind of method like steroids, so you have to keep these kinds of logical thinking in tact when making an assessment of Mike Chang, especially in relation to all the nonsense that is written about him online.

If you are still skeptical, check out similar methods offered by other trainers and see if they are fake, or if the trainers are steroid junkies. If not, then you know there is a way to get ripped without the use of performing-enhancing drugs and then you will definitely want to get hooked on a program that offers real life-changing workouts from experienced professionals such as Mike Chang.

But unless you have actually made the effort there is no reason to be suspicious of YouTube’s most popular online trainer who makes videos day in and day out that have given millions of people the benefit of learning in-depth exercises for free. You would also be crazy to believe others when you haven’t tried the workouts yourself. That would be biased and naïve, and I think we are all smarter than that.

Also, if people really think Mike Chang takes steroids, you need to keep in mind that no amount of steroids could substitute the hard work, the proper workout forms and the diet information presented in the Mike Chang videos, so the claims are just nuts. Mike Chang also invites many different trainers, friends and celebrities to share their thoughts and secrets about working out, so if they thought Mike was taking steroids they wouldn’t be dumb enough to go on camera with him and risk their careers.

Great results comes from hard work and dedication, which Mike Chang emphasizes over and over, making him in fact the most real trainer online there is today in terms of providing real and concrete info on workouts, dieting, form and posture, as well as recovery time, and not the steroid junkie people claim he him to be.

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