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Mike Chang’s Sixpack Shortcuts is all about building muscle mass and gaining the sculpted physique every man secretly (or candidly) desires. Any time you’re looking to change your physical form, the words diet and exercise go hand in hand, and it’s no different with Chang’s system. Fortunately, this is one of those diets just about anyone should be happy to sustain.

When we think of dieting, we normally think of eating super healthy foods in moderation. If you’re trying to build muscle mass, however, moderation goes right out the window. Calorie reduction is the last thing you want. Mike Chang has spoken extensively in his Sixpack Shortcuts program and Youtube channel regarding proper dieting, and today I’m going to explain three of the most valuable tips from Mike Chang that helped me to achieve chiseled six pack abs and the rock solid body I always wanted.


Protein is good, but Carbs are better

Mike Chang called this the most overlooked fact of dieting for muscle gain; protein is good, but carbs are much more important. Anyone who is working out to gain muscle knows how important protein is. That’s why you see dozens of varieties of protein shakes at your local drug store. But protein is only going to help build muscle. Muscles are not developed from thin air. In order to build muscles, you must supply your body with something to transform into a muscle, and that comes from carbohydrates.

Pasta, potatoes, rice, these are all great sources of carbohydrates. Every meal you eat should consist of about 60% carbs, with the other 40% divided between 20% protein and 20% fats. Mike Chang also says that our meals should equal about the size of our two fists. Anything less isn’t going to provide the level of sustenance a hard gainer needs, and anything more could have adverse effects in weight gain.

How to solve Low Appetite issues

Most people simply eat when they’re hungry. Unfortunately for those of us who are too lean and want to build muscle mass, we simply aren’t that hungry. For hard gainers – those who want to go from scrawny to bulky in the shortest amount of time – instead of eating whenever you’re hungry, Mike Chang says to eat whenever you’re not full. Let me say that last part again; EAT whenever you’re NOT FULL. That means you don’t need to be hungry to eat. If you’re not full, you should be eating something. I’m not saying you should make yourself sick, but don’t ever let your stomach go empty. Once the digestion phase is near completion, you need to give your body more food to work with.

Let’s say you ate a good size meal (see Tip #1) and 45 minutes later, you feel that you’ve finished digesting it. Chang recommends a snack or a small meal to fill the void. For hard gainers who are working out 4-5 times a week, the added calories are going to help to pack on muscle, not just fat. If there’s a little fat showing up around the belly, that’s okay. It will be transformed into muscle soon enough. If the fat is growing more rapidly than the muscle, you might be over-doing it a bit, but make sure you are getting plenty of calories throughout the day.

Eat before and after Exercising

I’ve heard people say, “Oh I can’t eat right now, I’m going to the gym,” or, “I just worked out, I can’t eat now or it will all be for nothing”. These statements couldn’t be farther from the truth if you’re trying to pack on muscles. Your body absolutely needs those calories to build muscle mass. In fact, you should be eating right before you work out, as well as right after.

Mike Chang suggests a small snack, preferably with natural sugars, just before going into the gym, such as an apple or banana, or even a protein shake. During the workout, Chang recommends bringing a drink like Gatorade to keep sugars going through your system while you work out. Eating before and consuming a sports drink during a workout will prevent your body from burning the muscle that you are working so hard to gain.

Once the workout is complete, Mike says we have a 45 minute window to get more calories into our body before we risk going into a catabolic state. A what?! I know, it sounds scary right? And it kind of is, in more ways than one. A catabolic state is this exact issue that causes so many people to completely give up on their goals, and the majority of them never know why it happened. When our bodies go into a catabolic state, we become overly fatigued, experience more extreme muscle aches and even have a hard time sleeping. I would have an awfully hard time motivating myself to go to the gym is I felt like an aching zombie.

Staunch exercise without enough protein causes muscle tissue to break down. To avoid this, you must eat something as soon as possible after a hard core workout. Mike Chang says the best thing is a protein shake, for its nutritional value as well as convenience. Simply carry a bottle with the powder in it, and add water at the gym before you leave. Or, if you work out at home, have it ready so you can drink it as soon as you’re done.

Consuming calories before, during and after a workout may not be for everyone. Start out with all three, but if you feel you’re gaining a bit too much fat, or you’re uncomfortably bloated, try cutting out one of these three consumption points. Test the results. You’ll find what your body favors soon enough.

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