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Did you know that you are a badass full of crazy potential who is about to surface at any moment and explode into rays of brilliance that will change the way humanity thinks and acts in relation to the cosmos? Well, perhaps you did, but if not now you know and are now ready for some other tips, perhaps of which may be a little more down to earth.

Did you know that when you are trying to get your shoulders ripped by doing a dumbbell shoulder press while seated that it is important that your neck be lay back in a comfortable manner? This actually makes a high difference. Next time when trying this exercise, relax your head back on the bench (provided it is high enough) and then continue to push the dumbbells up. What this does is focus the weight more on the shoulders and also allows the neck to be relaxed and free from less stress. Many people actually injure their necks or cause the neck to get too tight from doing this exercise improperly, which further leads to symptoms such as soreness, fatigue and headaches. A little adjustment to this exercise will go a long way and help you a lot. However, you may realize that you need to trim down the dumbbell weight a bit, as this technique centralizes the lift more while reducing strain onto other muscles such as the back.

Did you know that running with your feet evenly touching the ground rather than a heel-toe approach can help you reduce the exertion you put into running as well as reduce strain on the legs and body overall? Doing this technique doesn’t mean that your legs go straight up and down as if you are jumping on hot coals barefoot; rather, it means that as your feet touch the ground both the heel and toe hit at the same time. This is important because your foot is basically like a spring that allows the body to flow in a natural manner. If the spring is hit from an angle, such as it would be with the heel-toe approach, there would still be some rebound but not as much. Try this technique and you will see a big difference in the way your legs feel afterwards. It may seem awkward at first as if you are dragging your feet but the benefits will be worth it.

Also, did you know that using machines is lest effective then free weights? Free weights allows you to use more muscles and takes into consideration the balance needed to lift heavier weights whereas machines take away the balance factor, allowing lifters to pump more than what they would be able to without the machine. Using machines can also be bad for your form as can lead to an imbalance between muscles, most notably the chest and back when doing chest press. This is what causes a lot of guys to have hunches, which can further lead to injury.

Therefore, it may be best to consult a trainer or check out some of the great videos that addresses these issues in order to improve your workout as well as prevent injury. We know you want to!

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