Diabetic Chiropractor Inspires All as 2015 MFO Weightlifting Champion

Lifting weights professionally isn’t an easy feat. It takes intense training, unrelenting dedication and implacable willpower just to compete, much less succeed. Dr. Edward C. Camacho knows all about that. Having participated in weight lifting competitions since 2010, the young chiropractor, who’s spent as many years battling diabetes, was named 2015 Weightlifting Champion at this month’s Moorestown Fall Open.

Diabetic Chiropractor and Weightlifting Champion Dr. Edward C. Camacho

Dr. Edward C. Camacho
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Dr. Camacho’s success is a direct result of his medical and professional background, which is responsible for leading him down all the paths his life has taken him on. If it weren’t for his diabetic diagnosis, or his professional career choice as a chiropractor, Camacho doesn’t believe he would have achieved such imminent success.

Ever the athletic type, Camacho participated in multiple sports activities throughout school. During his senior year at Penn State, at the age of 20, he spent an entire week in the hospital, where he learned he suffered from Type 1 diabetes, which can affects children and young adults.

According to medical journals, like Camacho—who was anything but overweight or inactive—one does not have to be obese to become afflicted with Type 1, juvenile diabetes. However, once the illness sets in, it can be difficult to maintain weight without proper diet and exercise.

Camacho immediately turned to competitive weight lifting to help fight the disease and improve his health. He trained vigorously for months, and exactly one year from the day of his diagnosis, he won his first powerlifting competition. That earned him a spot in the Collegiate Nationals, where he went on to finish in the Top 10 in the country.

After graduating from Penn State, he won the 2010 NJ State Powerlifting Championships, breaking three state records along the way. From there, his competitive weight lifting career was boosted again by his enrollment in Palmer Chiropractic College in Florida, where he discovered just how important chiropractic care is to weight training.

“Chiropractic care helped keep my body from falling apart, prevented injuries, and even pointed out weaknesses that were holding me back,” Camacho said when he joined the professional ranks of the Plaza Chiropractic Center in 2014, after shattering four more state records while harvesting two Florida State Powerlifting Championships. “I focused a lot on nutrition, hydration, good sleep and blood sugar levels to maximize my recovery time and control my diabetes.”

Weight Lifting Champion Edward CamachoEarlier this month, the phenomenal young man entered the 2015 Morristown Fall Open Powerlifting Championships. In the snatch, he lifted 112 kg (247 lbs), and another 140 kg (309 lbs) in the clean and jerk, giving him a total score of 252 kg (555 lbs). It was more than enough to earn Dr. Camacho another championship title.

“I’ve been fortunate to find my passions,” said Camacho. “Competitive weightlifting and chiropractic care are focal points in my life. One adds balance and one enables me to help others through my experiences and medical training.

“Diabetes was a minor setback that pushed me to excel in other areas,” he continued. “My lesson to others is to never give up. Everyone falls at some point. The important part is finding the will and proper support to get back up.”

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