Does Working Out Detoxify The Body? 

Working out helps detoxify the body in several ways. The sweat gathered from working out comes from perspiration that seeps through pores into the open, allowing the body to essentially drain itself of whatever is inside liquid wise. The chemicals found in the sweat range from everything the body has drunk and even eaten over the last 1-2 days at a given time, and is essentially chemically releasing itself through this process in addition to crapping and pissing. This is why people can get so fatigued or parched during a workout or if they have not consumed liquids for extended periods of time, as the body needs to repair itself of the process that allows it to rejuvenate itself in a sense.


The body does not necessarily need to detoxify in order to feel better; rather detoxification can be used for preventing oneself to get sick. People who work out more than others often stay healthier. You have probably heard that before but perhaps didn’t know the theory behind it. While there are many advantages for the heart, such as reducing stress and alleviating other mental afflictions, working out simply causes people to sweat, and sweat leads to detoxification for the above- mentioned reasons. This also explains to an extent why people who work out less are more susceptible to sickness as the body’s fluids and organs are not in motion. This scenario is akin to a car that hasn’t started for a while and the oil has become stuck and gooey in the engine. If warmed up and driven afterwards, the car can reverse that just as the body can.


If, however, working out is not coupled with enough water than the body becomes dehydrated, which can spur headaches and heat strokes in addition to dizziness. The body goes in cycles of consuming liquids and water is its prime source. Exercising speeds this process and therefore their needs to be more fuel for the body. Using vehicles as another analogy, this is like driving a car on a full tank maintaining a constant speed versus accelerating multiple times. One scenario causes the car to drain faster in fuel, just as the body does so with water.


Expanding further on liquids, when a person gets sick it is often recommended that he or she consume lots of liquids so that frequent urinating occurs. Urinating more helps the body detoxify just in the same way that sweating does for the body. That is also why some people wear heavy clothes when sick so that they can “sweat out” their illnesses. While that can be dangerous and often unnecessary, it can work and the point is the body is naturally ridding itself of toxins in order to feel better. Either way, the process comes down to sweating and putting in more water into the body.


In the author’s opinion, simply making yourself warm and sweating is much different than working out and causing yourself to sweat. Putting on warm clothes and making yourself sweat is the same as standing outside on a hot day and sweating. Has anyone ever lost weight from just standing in the sun? I wish! The reason being is that such a method is not an active one in that when you work out the heart and metabolism are being active to endure more and therefore consume more energy, which translates into fat loss. The sweat from standing outside under the sun is merely a reaction to the body heating externally rather than internally “heating up” through active motion and movement.


Exercising also helps with digestion, which in itself is a form of detoxifying. If your body has good digestion the body is able to have a better bathroom cycle, which means that foods and liquids are not getting stuck and piling up in the body. Prolonged timing of chemicals in the body clogs the colon, hurts the heart and wares down the body’s overall energy. Getting the body in motion loosens up the organs and digestion in the body, leading to good digestion and hence detoxification.


Mike Chang offers many 10-minute workouts that can get you sweating fast in no time. Doing them once a day or every other day is all it takes to help the body not only lose weight and put on muscle, but also detoxify, thus maximizing health, strength and agility.



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