Only 1 in 20,000 Guys Have Defined Abs: Mike Chang

According to Mike Chang, 1 in every 20,000 guys have defined abs, making the body part the most sought out muscle group from both men and women alike in today’s modern world.

Chang was referencing recent statistics from Men’s Health that also stated the number one muscle group women look for in men is abs. To no coincidence, getting abs is the hardest muscle group for a guy to train for and therefore is the least likely defined muscle group among men, therefore making abs heavily sought out by women, according to Chang.

While it may seem ludicrous to think that way, Chang says that it’s common nature for people to want something they don’t have. In the case of women, they often do not see men with well-defined abs and those with them therefore are somehow seen as superior compared to other males. If the statistics are right, then those indeed are some harsh numbers against guys.

But Chang says that’s not the only reason why women like guys with abs. For example, if you see a guy with a really big belly versus a guy with ripped abs, who is more likely to be taking care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally? You guessed it-the healthier ones! It’s not that all women think that way, but Chang says it is one of those subconscious things women think of men on a primal level that affects their overall decision making of who women want to be with and why.

Regardless of what the right answer may be, people tend to want things they don’t have so it is no uncertainty that having such defined body features probably makes a difference one way or the other.

So then what should guys do? The obvious answer is start working out to get more defined abs, but then the other question remains- how do you start? The first thing people think of is to do massive amounts of sit-ups and other stomach exercises. However, this is wrong. Most people think that doing stomach exercises will get defined abs. While the abs will indeed grow and start to pack on meet, they will not show unless the fat around them decreases. Doing just stomach exercises doesn’t burn enough fat to get rid of the surrounding fat and therefore people need to incorporate high-intensity workouts into their arsenal for burning fat quicker and at higher rates.

High intensity workouts will cause the body’s metabolic rate to increase higher and last throughout the whole day even when you are not working out, which helps the body burn fat at longer periods. Simply doing abs exercises stimulates the abs at the moment they are being worked on but they are not enough to burn fat from the body the same way you would if you were to do jumping jacks straight for 10 minutes. The abs exercises are actually what you want to do after you get the body fat down to a lower level, otherwise putting on increased muscle in the stomach when you already have a gut may actually cause your stomach to look even better.

If you can incorporate such methods into your workout and match it with a balanced diet that doesn’t indulge in fatty foods to much you are going to lose weight and start seeing abs. You just have to think more logically on your approach and take into consideration these tips that not only Mike Chang follows, but also many other trainers as well.

Chang added the statistics in Men’s Health basically mean that women would rather see well-defined abs opposed to a guy who has massive arms and a belly. Defining the wrong features in the body or at least not balancing them out properly can have a negative influence on your workouts from the point of how women perceive men, so it is important to remember this when working out.

Seriously, do not waste your time doing lots of crunches until you have decreased your weight and overall body fat, as your efforts will be done in vain. We don’t want to see everyone waste their time not making progress and through the right strategies you can create better results.

If what Men’s Health says is true then guys need to reconsider their focus on working out and get geared towards creating a healthy core built around lower fat and increased abs, as the rest of the body’s muscle development will also likely follow easier as well.

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