Debunking the Chinese Soft Power Myths Behind Six Pack Shortcuts’ Mike Chang

Back in October 2012 an article written by the satire-based newspaper Ministry of Harmony stated that Mike Chang is being used as part of the China government’s plan to engage in soft power for the purpose of “further disseminating Socialism with Chinese characteristics into the West.”

Following this article, news spread fast across the web stating that Chang’s muscle building program called Six Pack Shortcuts was a bogus video series that was created with the intent of spreading Chinese nationalist propaganda into the heart of youngsters in addition for reaping money used in creating and spreading subliminal messages in favor of the Chinese Communist Party.

It’s sad, but many people believed such claims after reading the article. Newspapers and other outlets of spreading information started to write their own articles about the claims didn’t bother to check the Website that started all the buzz. If they did, they would have noticed the title tag says “The Onion of China” and would have never even thought of writing their own stories related to this topic. But they didn’t and unfortunately they have taken upon themselves the burden of bashing Mike Chang and causing people in the industry to have absurd views of him when in fact the whole issue is based around uninformed and unprofessional people in the media.

The point of this article is not to say that Mike Chang is awesome or put him up on a pedestal to praise his efforts in working out; rather, clarify that the article written by Ministry of Harmony is merely satire, and a good one indeed. But for those who still believe that the points in this obviously satire-based article are true, here are some pointers to think about before making your conclusion.

First off, would Mike Chang use his videos for spreading propaganda? If you think his propaganda is based around working out, then yes, but if you think it is for spreading Chinese nationalism then no, as I have never heard the words “China”, “Chinese”, or “Communist Party” mentioned throughout all his videos. He also has a clear and very Americanized accent that shows he was born in the US and grew up there. No doubt he can probably speak Chinese Mandarin due to connections with his relatives (it’s common for Chinese to continue speaking their native tongue at home even after moving to another country despite the children growing up to speak another language), but that certainly doesn’t make him a CCP member that was sent from China at an early age to the US with the intent of growing up to be a workout buff specialized in promoting workout products that would later entice people to become CCP supporters.

The funniest part of the original article isn’t actually that, however. The article stated Mike Chang is aimed at the repressed homosexuality of the US to entice them into becoming some form of propaganda as well, although the article didn’t say specifically. The article also went on and hinted at the possibility that the Mike Chang powder called Afterburn Fuel is turning people homosexual. I wonder if that is based on the same principal of all the buzz on the internet that juice boxes are turning kids gay? If this sounds ridiculous that’s because it is.

If the Chinese really wanted to create propaganda for its People Liberation Army (PLA) then it should show all the soldiers drinking it and getting buff in preparation for an attack on Western soil. Or maybe not because that would make them all gay…? Mike Chang could also consider using his Insane Home Fatloss videos for getting women slim and hot for the use of bringing them into the PLA for seductive purposes, although I highly doubt it.

If you ask me the claims seem to hint more towards hard power (pun intended) given that all these guys and gals associated with Mike Chang’s programs are expected to beef up and dominate life, thrashing it to the max. I’m not sure though if all the chemicals that would make a guy gay however would cause guys’ second in command to shrivel up into their sacks and later unveil in preparation for war against American imperialists, but who knows….I have my doubts, however.

It is possible for a non-Caucasian living in the West to become successful without it being connected to some mob, cult, conspiracy or the like. People get bored easily and look for claims to throw onto others out of their own insecurity, so it is unfortunate that this has been brought onto Mike Chang. At the same time though, it is pretty damn funny and makes for some good Internet buzz but if you are wondering if it is all true we are here to burst your bubble and say that it isn’t. In the meantime, enjoy the videos and unless you start transforming into a gay PLA soldier without the use of force keep practicing the Changmeister’s techniques as well.

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