Celebrity Fitness Trainer says you Don’t Need a Perfect Celeb Body

Tracy Anderson is one of the most famous women in the fitness community. Trainer to the stars, she’s help sculpt the chiseled bodies of such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow. She also runs an enormously successful gym and fitness website. She says her celebrity training shouldn’t be the focus of media or her fans.

Time and again, Anderson is asked how others can achieve the perfect body of a celebrity, but that’s the last question she wants to answer. It puts entirely too much focus on so-called ‘perfection’, and not nearly enough on what’s really important – how exercising makes us feel.

Celbrity Trainer say fitness for happiness, not perefctionSure, we’d all like to look like The Rock or Jennifer Lopez, but having the wrong focus will literally destroy your motivation. The feeling we get from a good day’s workout will keep us coming back day in, day out. Desiring only to have a celebrity’s body is destined to send us down a path of self-degradation.

In a recent interview, Anderson explained how she got from point A to point B, and it certainly wasn’t a straight line. She started out as a dancer and found herself struggling with weight problems. Her dance scholarship got her into a fantastic program, but she found herself consistently unable to make weight. Gaining “60 pounds with my first child” didn’t help, either.

“I understand what it’s like to feel not at home in your own body,” she explained. It wasn’t until she came up with a personalized way of exercising, leading up to the launch of her own fitness program, that she was able to get on track.

Tracy Anderson now runs her own studio in New York City. She produces a line of fitness DVD’s, as well as power bars and protein powder, and runs an online streaming exercise class where subscribers pay $100 per month to take part in master classes. Her services are in such high demand that her NY studio has a 5-year waiting list for new members.

Her latest mission is to develop and online community of women whose primary goal is to achieve positive character traits, not perfectly sculpted bodies. She believes that achieving fitness goals is about having the right attitude, not the right BMI.

When it comes to working out, Anderson said, “I wish that a big motivator for everyone is just preparedness and strength … when you’re empowered physically and sure-footed physically, it helps you push through stress and deal with stress better.”

She said some of the biggest mistakes people make when working out is losing their focus on the exercise program, and hopping from one trend to the next.

“If you can make your grocery list while you’re working out, then you’re not 100 percent engaged,” she quipped. If your mind is not focused on the goal, your body won’t be either, nor will you receive the same mental stimulation and enthusiasm.

Similarly, she added, “if you trend-hop and you go and do different trends all the time, you’re lacking complete strategy. Yes, you may be working out, and working out is always good, but it’s a missed opportunity to really have design mastery happen with your body.”

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