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Samsung Gear IconX – An Eye for Fitness, an Earbud for Tracking

The Samsung Gear IconX is finally here. Well, it’s here in Canada, and it’s available in many eastern countries like Australia, France, Germany, Korea, Russia and the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, it hasn’t hit the US market yet, but the company says it will soon enough, and you can always have them shipped in. The obvious question […]

Hit Fit Boxing: The Fast, Fun way to promote Physical Fitness

I’m always scouring the web, the gym and local communities for the latest fitness trends. This time, I came across a new physical fitness explosion that’s taking gyms by storm. It’s called Hit Fit Boxing, and its certainly one of the more fun activities I’ve found of late. Hit Fit Boxing is, of course, based […]

Video Gamers finally getting Exercise with new Pokémon Go App

The number one complaint among parents of video gaming generations is that their kids aren’t getting enough exercise. Most gamers spend hours in front of the television, staring at the screen as their fingers and thumbs do all the work. Thanks to a new conceptual app called Pokémon Go, gamers are getting exercise more than […]

Could Pepperoni Pizza be the perfect Healthy Food?

Like most of you, I love pepperoni pizza. It’s gooey and yummy and filled with delicious bursts of flavor. It also happens to be made up of all four of the major food groups. So why can’t pepperoni pizza be considered healthy food? When I was in school – and I’m sure most of you […]

Get Stronger, Faster and More Powerful with Plyometric Training

If you search the web for different forms of beneficial exercise, you’ll finds hundreds of them. Weight lifting increases muscle mass, cardio is great for toning, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a quick fat burner. But if you want to increase your power – namely strength and speed – you might want to look int […]

Don’t Fall Victim to these Crazy Fitness Myths

I’ve heard of some crazy ideas relating to diets and workouts before. Some of them actually have merit, but the majority are nothing more than B.S. We’ll take a look at 3 of the craziest fitness myths that entirely too many people have fallen for. Just a Six Pack Please – Crunch, Crunch, Crunch! Being […]

Three Excuses Moms Use to Avoid Exercise, and Easy Solutions

Are you a mother with young children? Chances are, you find it very difficult to carve out enough time in your day, or even week, to get in some all-important exercise for moms. There are some very common excuses used by moms to avoid exercising, and while I’m not disputing the validity of those circumstances, […]

Las Cruces, NM to host Free Health and Fitness Awareness Expo

They say knowledge is power, and residents of Doña Ana County, New Mexico will have access to a wealth of information at the 2016 Las Cruces Health and Fitness Expo this Saturday. Organizers said this year’s free, family-friendly expo will focus on fitness and preventative healthcare. The Health and Fitness Expo will take place on June […]

Om’s the Word: Millions Celebrate International Yoga Day, June 21st

It was quite the image to behold this morning in the city of Chandigarh, a union territory located in northern India.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi set out amidst a crowd of more than 30,000 residents – many school children – to take part in a mass yoga session. No, it wasn’t a morning wake-up ritual – […]

Samsung Praised for Gear Fit 2, major improvement over 1st Gen Fitness Tracker

In September 2013, Samsung introduced a wearable fitness tracker called the Galaxy Gear. With relatively limited features and a blatant bulkiness only The Hulk could appreciate, it wasn’t much of a success compared to slimmer, more attractive rivals. The new Samsung Gear Fit 2, however, takes the game to a whole new level. Gear Fit 2 […]

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