Case Studies Illustrating The Danger Of Supplements

Relatively speaking, the workout supplement industry is still in its infancy. After all, one of the most popular workout ingredients today, creatine, wasn’t commercial available until 1993. Its release to the wider public came about after Linford Christie won 100m gold at the 1992 Olympics, as reported by Wikipedia.

Because it is a young marketplace, not all products have reached a minimum level of quality that ensure both safety and performance. While shortcomings in regards to performance isn’t the end of the world, it can be where safety is concerned. Numerous stories have been published in recent years that highlight the dangers of certain ingredients. This is typically because an ingredient used has not been tested sufficiently, or because the consumer got carried away and overdosed.

Researching such stories is important if you’re planning on using supplements. It will educate you on what supplements you need to avoid and what supplements you can take, whilst enlightening you regarding dose and how to take them safely.

Army Private Dies After Taking Jack3d

One much publicized case of supplements going wrong occurred when Michael Lee Sparling, a 22 year old army private, died from cardiac arrest on a routine run. As The New York Times reports, Michael was taking Jack3d, which has the ingredient dimethylamylamine, otherwise known as DMAA. This is a powerful stimulant and believed to be the cause of his death, but it has not been proven and the company behind Jack3d is denying they are to blame.

However, Web MD reports as many as 42 cases of serious problems caused by DMAA, and it has even been banned in Canada, UK and Australia. As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire, so you should probably steer clear of DMAA products. After all, with so many other great supplements out there, there is no need to risk it. DMAA is a very powerful stimulant, there is no denying that, but caffeine can be just as effective. Since most pre-workout caffeine-based supplements contain the equivalent of 2 to 3 cups of coffee, you are getting a huge hit of an effective stimulant without putting your body at risk.

A Tragic Case Of Caffeine Powder Overdose

As reported by CBS News, even with caffeine, you’re only safe when you stick to the recommended dose. This is a tragic story of an 18 year old male who overdosed from caffeine powder. He was on his high school wrestling team and was using the powder as a pre-workout supplement. It was reported that a very high amount of caffeine was found in his blood, over 70 micrograms per millimeter in fact. It was likely that the young man was simply unaware of what he was doing, not understanding the potency of this powder.

This is not to say that caffeine is bad for you, because in moderation it can be healthy, as Missoulian explains. The point is that no matter what kind of supplementation you are using, sticking to the recommended dosage is absolutely critical.

Supplements Can Contain Banned Substances

The FDA does not have the same authority over supplements as it does with food and beverages. As a result, some supplements have gotten away with using banned substances, as The Boston Globe reports. The product in this news report is Craze and it has received attention because two athletes have failed drug tests after taking it. This is due to high levels of a stimulant called N,alpha-DEPEA, which was found in their blood in a very high concentration.

What’s interesting about Craze is that even though this questionable stimulant is present in high quantities, the manufacturer behind it, Driven Sports, fails to mention it on the label, but the other ingredients, such as caffeine and creatine, are labelled. They clearly know N,alpha-DEPEA is a questionable product, but they want consumers to think their product works and were willing to put them at risk in order to do so.

The Truth Comes Out In The End

Some of the news reports in this article might make you skeptical about using supplements, but there is no need to be alarmed. There are a lot of good quality supplements out there that are honest about what they contain. The supplement industry has grown exponentially over the years, which means that an increasing number of people are taking them. Consequently, if a product is using questionable ingredients, the truth will come out. So, stay up to date on the latest news stories and health reports, make sure you’re well informed and you’ll be safe.

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