Mike Chang’s Calorie Reality Check

I constantly hear people talking at the gym about how they count their calories every day and yet, are still baffled why they are not losing weight. There are some really simple reasons for this.

First of all, every food and drink a person intakes is made up of calories aside from water, so this simple fact should let people know that the body is well aware of calories, most notably as energy. If the body wasn’t aware, people wouldn’t be getting overweight due to different kinds of foods, as it wouldn’t distinguish between potato chips and carrots. We know this to be false, however.

The point, then, is in the quality of food a person consumes. If a person chooses vegetables and water and another person brownies and soda, and both people take the same amount of calories, which person is likely to gain less weight and be healthier? If you guessed the vegetable side, you are right.

If people simply count calories then they are neglecting the amount of trans fat and other fatty acids that are found in foods not to mention other things like sugar, caffeine and carbs. Sugar and trans fat are the most dangerous to believing one can cut down weight, for if taken as part of one’s calorie count will actually hurt them.

Drop the calorie count system now. Don’t pay attention to it in restaurants or anywhere else and think more logically instead of based on a number that has been thrown at you, which is supposedly safe to eat at for losing weight. The people who do this end up tricking themselves and all their hard work at the gym goes down the drain. Just because you only ate 1,800 of the 2,000 calories your diet book recommends doesn’t mean you have 200 left for junk food. It doesn’t work that way.

There is a reason where there are skinny people in the world who can remain that way even from minimal exercise. While some do have quicker metabolisms, most of those people actually have balanced diets and do not eat much processed, fatty foods or fast food. They also don’t snack after 9pm and don’t make excuses on the weekend to unleash and go hog wild eating just because they stayed healthy Monday-Friday. If people really want to lose weight they need to maintain that routine everyday until they see the pounds drop off. It takes commitment and the willingness to change one’s habit, otherwise hold habits will prevail.

You will also notice a drastic change in your body once you start letting go of sweets and sugars. At first it may feel like your blood sugar level is dropping too much for a week or two, but after that your body naturally gets “high” and energized off of fruits and vegetables that were grown naturally from the earth filled with nutrients and energy. You will notice your focus improving as well in addition to losing weight.

Instead of counting calories, count the number of fruits and vegetables you put in your body each day. Also, count the number of steps you took, the miles you ran, and how many times you stopped yourself from giving into sweet foods. Knowing how much progress you make and recording it will help you stay motivated and give you inspiration to continue trying harder.

So drop these calorie counting methods and start really making improvements through real diet and nutrition that is based on science and physiology. You are guaranteed to see some great results if you follow it diligently and stay dedicated to burning off calories by these new steps.

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