Strength Training is the Secret to Burning Fat and Losing Weight

Ask 10 random people what they think is the best form of exercise to burn fat and lose weight, and chances you will get 10 different answers. One of the most common misconceptions is that cardio workouts are excellent for burning fat, but as the name clearly implies, cardio workouts are designed specifically for cardiovascular heart health. According to one fitness expert, the key to fat/weight loss is strength training.

Julie Kennington, Owner of Drenched FitnessJulie Kennington is the founder and CEO of Drenched Fitness in Thousand Oaks, California. She’s been working in the fitness industry since she was 18, and graduated with a degree in exercise physiology. Applying her wealth of knowledge to her dream job—owning her own gym—her program focuses on three primary areas, “Fitness, Nutrition and Community”.

According to Mrs. Kennington, a substantial number of inexperienced workout enthusiasts nourish hopes of burning fat and losing weight, but fail to undertake the proper techniques to achieve that goal. She says her gym teaches members the right way to exercise to achieve the desired goal.

“Don’t think for one second that cardio is going to do anything more than help your heart health and burn a couple calories today,” Kennington said in an interview with KABC-TV, “What is going to sculpt your body to make you look the best and burn calories long term? That’s strength training.”

Kennington said Drenched Fitness merges high-intensity interval training with high-intensity strength training to produce effective results. H-I interval training involves quick bursts of cardio sprints, while H-I strength training focuses on weight lifting. Both are considered high-value fat burning techniques, and when combined, Mrs. Kennington says they can do wonders for toning the body.

She said the number one factor in strength training is to maintain perfect balance. If you’re doing 10 reps at 80lbs on the right, you must also do 10 reps at 80lbs on the left. If you’re doing pulling exercises, make sure to do an equal counter of pushing exercises. Mix up the intensity, speed and angle with each set, but keep the balance static.

Mrs. Kennington said the types of weights used don’t matter, either (free weights, body weight, etc.), but her gym focuses on giving members access advanced technologies that help increase the burn. Brandon Kennington, Julie’s husband, who also works in the fitness industry, is the creator of his own weight lifting technology known as “Flexline”, featured at Drenched Fitness.

Flexline utilizes air pressure and cables to mimic the experience of lifting traditional weights, but delivers more modern conveniences, such as the ability to instantly adjust the weight with a press of a button.

The fitness expert said her husband’s Flexline weights are perfect for fat burning because clients don’t have to stop lifting once their muscles become too tired to maintain the same weight. They can simply press a button to reduce the weight and keep going, which is paramount to the efficiency of high-intensity workouts, and particularly EPOC, or the “after burn effect”.

Research has shown that the EPOC after burn effect is not a myth, but a proven way to make your body continue burning calories long after you walk out of the gym.

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