Mike Chang’s Fat Burning ‘Bullet Proof’ Coffee

I absolutely love my morning coffee. I drink several cups each day, and I honestly don’t know how I would function without it. I’m certain that many of you feel the same way, but depending on how you doctor up your morning cup of Joe, it may be working against your efforts to reduce carbs and burn fat.

I’d like to introduce you to something called ‘Bullet Proof Coffee‘. It’s designed to help your body burn fat, without losing the amazing flavor we get from creams and sweeteners. Mike Chang, founder of Six Pack Shortcuts, is an avid professor of the benefits of bullet proof coffee, and drinks two cups of this delicious brew every morning.

For Cream/Sugar Coffee Lovers Only

Before I go on, I have to confess I don’t drink this unique coffee recipe myself, only because I do not use cream or sugar in my coffee. Years ago, I wanted to cut more fat and sugar from my diet, so I switched to black coffee. It took a few weeks to actually enjoy it, but now I think it’s delicious. Honestly, the last time I accidentally tasted creamed coffee, it turned my stomach.

However, had I found this recipe a few years ago, I’m certain I would have loved it. So while I can’t personally attest for its palatability, everyone I know who switched to this fat burning coffee from their usual cream/sugar blend swears by it.

What’s In It?

Chang’s bullet proof coffee recipe includes just three ingredients – fresh black coffee (whatever brand and strength you prefer), grass-fed butter, and coconut oil.

Okay, before you grimace, yes, it sounds like an oily concoction. But you can’t just pour coffee in a cup, spoon some butter and coconut oil into it and stir. Not only will it taste oily, the top layer will look unappetizing, to put it mildly.

No – you will need a blender to make this fat burning coffee look and taste its best.

How to Make Bullet Proof Coffee

This recipe is for two cups of bullet proof coffee. That’s because the majority of coffee lovers always drink more than 1 cup. You can always split the recipe if needed.

Mike Chang' Bullet Proof CoffeeIn a blender, add:

2 Cups Freshly Brewed Black Coffee
2 Teaspoons Grass-Fed Butter
1-2 Teaspoons Coconut Oil


The coconut oil adds a bit of sweetness to the coffee, so you’ll want to adjust the amount based on how sweet you like it (Mike Chang uses 2 teaspoons). However, going over two teaspoons is not recommended due to the high calorie content. If you need a little more sweetness to your coffee, you can add an artificial sweetener like Stivia to achieve the desired effect.

Firmly close the lid and get to blending. You’ll immediately notice the drink takes on the color and consistency of traditional cream coffee. Continue to blend for 45 seconds. It should have a little foam on the top when ready.

Pour it into your favorite mug or to-go cup and enjoy the smooth, creamy texture of this fat burning coffee.

Benefits of Bullet Proof Coffee

I should mention that this recipe is not exactly a low-calorie choice (approx. 400 calories), although it is perfect for low-carb dieters. Many people who drink it substitute it as their breakfast. Mike Chang, however, consumes a great deal of calories per day due to his intense workout schedule, so he eats a full breakfast with his coffee.

The major benefit, though, is that the grass-fed butter and coconut oil are all ‘good fats’. Instead of getting an extra energy boost from sugar that quickly fades into a crash, you’re getting natural energy that releases slowly, keeping you motivated for hours.

A low-carb diet in general works by keeping your fat intake high, and carb (sugar) intake low. Thus all of the energy your body burns is taken from fat, helping to shed weight and produce well-toned muscles.

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