Breath Synchronization: The Guide to Workout Enlightenment

It has been said that once a person becomes aware of each breath and is able to maintain that awareness until the end of their time that he or she will have reached an enlightened state. While none of us here at Mike Chang’s top fan site have reached that, we can say there is some truth to the importance of breath awareness in working out!

Throughout our daily lives we neglect something very simple-breathing. From an early age no one really has taught us how to breathe properly, including whether it is better to breathe through the mouth and to what area should the breath go in and out from. We are going to outline some of the important things to be mindful of while breathing and how they can be applied to working out.

To start, deep breathing in fact is a very important factor to our body’s energy system. When a person experiences long deep breaths the body produces increased blood cells due to the amount of oxygen flowing in, which helps calm the body down and increase detoxification. This is why many meditators who perform deep breathing even for just 10-15 minutes a day often appear calm and skin tone healthy, as there blood circulation and oxygen intake is smooth and plentiful in addition to the detoxification benefits they receive. Additionally, the body feels replenished as if having taken a nap, leading to increased vigor and vitality.

Deep breaths don’t necessarily mean holding the breath in for a long time. It means breathing in beyond the chest area so that the whole sympathetic nervous system can benefit. For trainers, whether they are focused on increasing their core muscle training or want to bump up their deadlift or bench workouts, breathing down to the center of the naval/abdomen area also known as the Dantian in Chinese is recommended the most, as that is the core center of the body. The spot also happens to be an important energy center that sends energy throughout the body, so fueling that area is of utmost importance.

Most of us are probably only used to breathing down to our chests, which makes it hard for trainers to improve their skills as the energy in the body will not be able to fully be utilized unless it is able to project fully and from its deepest source. Imagine something that wants to propel upwards as high as possible. In order for it to do so it needs to be pulled back or deep as far as possible in order to gain its fullest momentum. The same goes for the body’s explosiveness, for without utilizing the depths of breath will only limit the body. Therefore, breathe deep and down to that core center. Also, practice doing so on a daily basis with breath circulation on 3-5 second cycles. You will instantly notice a change in the body’s energy and relaxation.

When breathing in we should try our best to use our noses. One reason being for this is we avoid less dust and polluted air from entering our lungs. The nose also allows the body to breathe in slower and fill in the lungs more fully as less energy is consumed compared to the mouth. Try experimenting for yourself and see if you notice a difference. If you are plugged up, try rubbing the sides of your noses.

However, when breathing out trainers should almost always breath through the mouth in order to let the energy burst out. If you are running you should do this as well and keep the breathing timed in order to maximize energy. For lifters, when you are contracting something breathe in through the nose and as you are about to push do so through a loud breath noise that pushes the breathe energy from the Dantian all the way through the mouth. You will be surprised how much heavier weights you can lift as a result. Regular breathing can be done in this way as well but with less emphasis on the outward breath.

If you do this when lifting you will notice a big change, as mentioned. The reason being is that most people not only forget to breathe during their workouts at key times but also do not know the most effective way. A lot of guys in particular will hold their breath as they are doing the first few reps of an exercise due to being too focused on the weight they are pushing but they need to remember to breath. This is also good for the brain as well. You probably have heard coaches yelling at guys during a hard lift to “breathe, breathe!” and now you know the reason.

Synchronize your breath in everything you do and make sure this is so with your workouts. If done properly who will align yourself better with your workouts and most likely break through the entrapment of your body that were otherwise leading you to a more enlightening workout experience.

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