Bicep Workouts for Men: Relaxation and Exaggeration

In any bicep workout, people either aim to get more mass in their arms or more tone. In most cases it is both. While one may seem more difficult than the other, most people agree that putting on mass is the more difficult one. While mass in general if difficult to increase it is not necessarily connected to your diet, even though that is important, but also to the way you lift.

Most people when doing a bicep curl either with dumbbells or a bar do so wrongly as they tend to lift with other muscles and joints in the body. In the case of the biceps, most people tend to use their elbow joints when lifting up rather than placing them in a set position where they don’t move and allow the biceps to contract more. If done improperly the muscles are not isolated enough and the joints are also strained, which means that the workout overall will be sacrificed.

If while standing you do a curl, you need to put the arms locked with your elbows placed on the side of your hips firmly. This will prevent the elbows from moving too much. Next, you need to further practice that just the forearm is going up and down through contractions prompted by the biceps and lift from that point. If done correctly you will most likely only be able to do 3/4 of the weight you were doing before as the muscles will be more exhausted and focused on. If not, your reps will fluctuate. But don’t worry, doing lighter weight at less rep amounts is better than heavier weights at the wrong amount because after all getting bigger muscles comes through proper use of the right groups.

Standing up, however, causes many people to use their back muscles so it is recommended that you sit in a chair with a backrest. This way your body can sink in to the chair, leaving your arm muscles free to the side and ready for lifting. Upon using this position, stretch your arms all the way down as if they are dangling with your elbows locked to the side. From there lift up as high as you can go in order to maximize bicep strength. When lifting up, the dumbbell can start with the palms up all the way through or you can start in a hammer position until halfway thrugh and then end up with the palms, bringing the dumbbell as close to your shoulder as possible. Most people never bring in that high and lose out on optimal lifting positions.

Once secret when going down is that once the arms are in a dangling position you turn your wrists inward. Doing so relaxes the bicep as the whole position of the arm changes and hence the position in which the weight is placed. If you do this for each life your arms will get strained much faster and it is highly effective in positioning the weight of the dumbbell on the biceps. If it is too much you can do this method every 2-3 reps.

Another thing you can focus on is the grip. Typically, guys will grab a dumbbell in the middle and lift from there. While there is no harm in doing so, you also need to switch your hand positioning on the dumbbell from side to side and lift it from that point as well as to utilize different parts of the bicep. This is a great diverse way to work all the areas in the bicep with just one exercise.

The sitting down exercises are much more difficult as they may seem as they really isolate the muscles. Doing this exercise you may realize how much other body parts you used in the past and will therefor help you correct some mistakes you may have made with your posture.

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