The Best Superfoods to Improve your Overall Health Part 2

In the first part of this article we discussed superfoods such as tea, along with some wonder berries that can improve your health. In the second part of this article we’ll continue to show you the best superfoods that can boost everything from your immune system to your circulation and even your brain power.

Chia Seeds

These are very popular at the moment. Chia seeds pack a very powerful punch and can be used for more than just growing green hair on funky toys (yeah, they are “those” chia seeds). These seeds are packed with fiber and calcium, but they also contain large amounts of omega-3, which can help your heart and your brain, among other things. These seeds are very nice to eat, with a strong and nutty flavor which means they provide a great accompaniment to many meals and are also perfect for a between-meal snack.

Hemp Seeds

Sticking with the seeds, hemp seeds can also work wonders for you and your fitness regime. These seeds are related to cannabis seeds, but they do not contain any psychoactive substance. That might be a good thing or a bad thing for you, but what is a good thing for everyone is that hemp seeds have bags of protein and fiber. These two typically don’t go hand-in-hand, so these seeds can be a vital inclusion in any diet. These seeds also contain a lot of amino acids and omega 3 and omega 6 oils, along with many other nutrients. What’s more, hemp seeds have a very weak flavor, so they can be thrown into an array of meals and most of the time you won’t even notice them.

Olive Oil

Perhaps a surprise inclusion and not one that many would class as a superfood, it can’t be ignored that cultures that consume a lot of olive oil tend to live longer, healthy lives. This is a good fat, and as we need fats to live, we might as well ensure that we give our bodies the best that we can get. Olive oil will help your heart and will also improve regulatory.

Flax Seeds

Fish contains a lot of omega oils, but you can get these same oils from flax seeds. These small, crunchy seeds can be sprinkled on salads and other dishes. They do have a distinctive taste and don’t go with everything, so be sure to taste a few first before you liberally sprinkle them on everything. You can also buy flax seed oil which contains a higher concentration of the good stuff. This is fairly pungent stuff, but it goes well with some hot, strong-tasting foods.

Garlic and Black Garlic

Garlic is great for digestion and for the circulatory system. Black garlic is also becoming much more common in the Western world, after being used in the East for many generations. Black garlic is basically fermented raw garlic, and although this sounds nasty, the resulting flavor is actually quite sweet and mild, not as you would expect. Black garlic has many of the same benefits as un-fermented garlic and may also be much better for your gut.

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