The Best Superfoods to Improve your Overall Health Part 1

These days it seems like a week doesn’t pass without a “new” superfood making the news, with fitness fanatics shifting from one food to the next. The truth is that the news just latches onto new research about old foods, ones we’ve always known are good for us. In this two-part article we’ll go through the best superfoods for your overall health. The more of these that you have in your diet the better, but by no means feel that you need to subsist entirely on them or that you need to eat all of them.


You have probably heard about the benefits of green tea, white tea, red tea, etc., There are many different tea types out there, but the one that often gets overlooked is the one that is perhaps most widely available: black tea. Antioxidants are the things that make tea so good for us, and there are more of these in black tea than in many other teas, especially green tea. The fact that black tea has a higher concentration of caffeine tends to put people off, in which case red tea, also known as Rooibos, is better. You should avoid black tea that has had its caffeine naturally removed, and you should also bear in mind that whilst many people seem to think that there is no caffeine in green tea, they’re wrong.

Fermented tea, also known as pur-eh, is also incredibly good for you, as is sideritis, which is drunk as a tea in countries like Greece and has been considered a cure-all for hundreds of years.


These little blue fruits can be very hit and miss in the taste stakes, but a perfectly ripe blueberry is a joy, and this fruit is also very good for you. Tests have shown that as well as the high antioxidant content, blueberries can improve focus and attention by as much as ten percent following consumption.

These are widely available in North America, so be sure to get your fill. When they are not in season, preserves, frozen blueberries and juices are also great. Blueberries are not amazing for their vitamin content, certainly not as much as their antioxidant properties, but they do contain low levels of vitamin C, manganese and vitamin K, and as a fruit they also have a healthy dose of natural sugar and fibre.


Much more reliable than blueberries when it comes to taste, pomegranates can be worked into many meals and can also be eaten dried or in a juice. They contain high levels of vitamin C and vitamin K and lower levels of iron, calcium and other nutrients. They also have very good mineral levels and antioxidants, and pomegranates have also be shown to assist the function of the prostate, which is very helpful for men of a certain age. Pomegranate also has a good level of natural sugar and fibre and as a fruit that is most water, it is very hydrating.

Goji Berries

These were the “in” thing a couple of years ago and have been pushed aside over the last year, but these are as healthy as they have always been. Goji berries are also very easy to purchase in their dried form and as well as high levels of vitamins and minerals, they can also help with circulation and can strengthen your immune system.

To read more about superfoods, search for part 2 of this article on this site.

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