10 reasons why Mike Chang’s online fitness program has the best workouts: Customer reviews

You have probably heard hype about Mike Chang somewhere around the web, but why is he so damn popular? Many people have written their reviews on Mike Chang’s products such as Six Pack Shortcuts, Insane Home Fatloss, Afterburn Fuel, and Monster Mass, and have left their opinions about why they think his programs are the best. Below is a list compiled to help you understand what others think of his products and hopefully formulate an opinion whether you want to purchase his products.

1. His products have great tutorials. Mike has an assortment of YouTube videos that helps people prepare for the in-depth information and exercises presented in his main videos, such as Six Pack Shortcuts. The enthusiasm, knowledge and great workout tips plus more are what’s promised and delivered in the videos.

2. Workouts are effective. Mike Chang offers diverse workouts related to home fitness and heavy lifting ranging anywhere from fat loss and dieting to shoulder/bicep/back workouts.

3. Excellent Customer service. Mike Chang has a crew that he has trained to specifically answer your questions via email or on the phone day and night to ensure that you are using his products correctly, safely and making the best out of each dollar spent in every possible way.

4. Money back guarantee. Chang’s products come with money back guarantees if you are not satisfied so you basically try the products for free.

5. Afterburn Fuel is the real deal. A lot of people wrote that Afterburn Fuel gave them the energy needed to enter a workout and bump up the intensity. The ingredients in the powder also helps muscles sustain mass after workouts and feeds energy into the body long after you are done working out.

6. Mike Chang tells you everything he knows. In his video tutorials, Chang goes through all the steps of posture, form, stretches, lifting methods, weight sizes, reps, time of intensity, rest time, and dieting.


7. Most exercises can be done from home. Insane Home Fat Loss teaches people how to workout from home without the need of a gym membership. Remember to have a towel and water ready!

8. Quick results. Depending on the goal, most people see results within the first couple weeks of doing Mike Chang’s exercises and can see significant results within 3 months.

9. No bullshit. Mike Chang aims to help you achieve your goals. His videos are fun, but they cut right down to the chase and don’t waste anyone’s time with false hope and unclear direction.

10. The videos are fun. Because Mike Chang is an easy-going guy and is down to earth, it feels as if he is in the room guiding you personally. He doesn’t act if he is above and better than you like many videos do, and you feel like he can relate to your workout struggles. Most other trainers seem to just want to make money but for Chang it is much more than that.

Mike Chang product users also expressed excitement that they could find products ranging from supplements to home workout tutorials to heavy lifting exercises all under one roof. That plus the customer service options, which most other trainers do not provide, in addition to money back guarantees makes Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts program one of the greatest tools on the web, the customers added.

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