Three Best Online Fitness Trainers on YouTube

If you’re on a mission to bulk up, lose weight or get that elusive six pack, then you can learn a lot from a fitness instructor. Nobody is born with the knowledge of how to workout properly, you have to learn how to do it. As this article explains, it can be overwhelming trying to come up with your own complete workout program when you have little to no experience. It goes on to say that a fitness trainer can help you maximize your time by setting you up with a specific schedule.

Trainers are expensive and not all of us can afford them, but you don’t have to hire one. With YouTube, you can get all the benefits you need without the cost. There are countless fitness trainers with channels that are dedicated to helping people like you meet their goals. To prevent you from getting information overload, since there are so many trainers out there, here are the top 3 trainers with YouTube channels.

Jeff Cavaliere from ATHLEAN-X

One of the best fitness trainers on YouTube is Jeff Cavaliere. He has in excess of half a million subscribers, over 440 videos and a staggering 70 million views. As this Free Muscle Building Tips review explains, Jeff’s program is a demanding one, but if you follow it then it’s only a matter of time before you see results.

What’s great about this YouTube channel is that it can have you training like a pro in no time. He explains what must be done every step of the way, giving people a point of entry no matter what their body condition is. It’s truly one of the most well rounded fitness channels out there.

Elliot Hulse – Strength Camp

Strength Camp is a YouTube channel put together by Elliot Hulse, who has a great reputation within the fitness industry. As Mike Westerdal from Critical Bench reports, Elliot Hulse is an intense strength and conditioning expert. Elliot Hulse is a great person to learn from due to his on-going participation in Strongman competitions.

Hulse’s background is backed up by his very impressive YouTube stats. As this YouTube page shows, his Strength Camp channel has nearly 1 million subscribers and it is approaching 150 million views. Most personal trainers could only dream of getting such a following on YouTube.

Mike Chang – Six Pack Shortcuts

One of the most popular fitness channels on YouTube is Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts. The stats speak for themselves: there are more than 500 videos, 2.7 million subscribers and 400,000 views, as this YouTube page shows.

Mike has a very specific style which is to execute short workouts, but at very high intensity. And because of the Afterburn Effect you’ll actually burn off more fat than you would otherwise. By browsing through the variety of videos on Six Pack Shortcuts you’ll see that many topics are covered. That’s because Mike Chang knows his stuff and doesn’t keep it to himself.

For those of you who are interested in how Mike Chang has put together his channel then check out his interview on Rise To The Top.

Why Use A YouTube Fitness Trainer?

People are turning to YouTube for fitness information for a number of reasons. One of which is the convenience of being able to watch how a workout should be executed as many times as they want, and all from the comfort of their own home.

You might think that you need to see a fitness trainer in-person to get the motivation that’s needed. After all, motivation is the most important ingredient in a fitness regime. You can’t rely on your fitness trainer for motivation though, it has to come from within. Your trainer isn’t going to be watching over you late at night when you want to eat junk food, and they aren’t going to chase you down if you decide to skip a workout. This is why YouTube trainers are no different, and often much better.

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