Law of Attraction for Working Out

 I’m a firm believer that willpower is the key to achieving any goal. The reason so many people fail in dietary plans and physical fitness is often the result of lacking in the willpower to keep it up. Now I’m not saying every diet or workout will help you meet your goals. The majority of them are nothing but fads that have little chance of succeeding in the first place. But when we come across a plan that has an extraordinary rate of proven, long-term results, willpower becomes the most dominant factor standing between you and your goals.

The real question is, how do we build up enough willpower? The answer is simple. You must believe in yourself. The power of belief can do wonders for any goal you wish to achieve. The fact is, if you don’t believe you can do something difficult, you probably never will.

Do you honestly think that I decided one day that I wanted a perfect body with six pack abs, looked it up on Google, found Mike Chang’s website and ‘viola!’, it was done? Absolutely not. I didn’t find Mike Chang’s Sixpack Shortcut until after I had tried numerous other programs. Unfortunately, the majority of them were nothing but fad diets and exercise regimes, so even once I had found the willpower to make it happen, the long-term results were nothing but adverse effects.

When I came across Mike Chang’s system, I did my research. I knew that those who tried it believed in it, and I read all of the medical evidence that backed up Chang’s proclamation of the ‘afterburn effect’. With the confidence in knowing that this was a real, proven fitness program, and that my own will power had everything to do with whether I would become a success story, I decided to build myself up mentally before taking on the challenge.

I developed my own little willpower mantra, and it worked wonders for me. It goes something like this:

“I WILL, because only I have the POWER.”

I know, clever right? But a simple intonation isn’t likely going to keep you going for the long-term. It may help you remember to maintain your willpower, but first things first; building up the genuine belief that you really do have the power to make this happen. With that in mind, here are some great ways to help train your brain in the power of belief.

Read Real Testimonials

  1. When I say “real” testimonials, I don’t mean the ones found on Mike Chang’s Sixpack Shortcuts website. As we all know, the producer of a product is only going to reveal the most fruitful of all success stories. Instead, visit some fitness websites with social forums that discuss the use of his fitness program. This will help you find genuine, unbiased appraisals from real, average people who have tried it.
  2. 2.       Use Your Imagination
    What do you think you’re going to look like when this is all over? Can you picture your goal coming to fruition? Get a clear mental image of the results you want to achieve, and keep that picture in the back of your head at all times.
  3. 3.       Post-It Notes
    This is one of my favorites – place post-it notes around specific places in your house or work place. Write positive things on them that will keep you focused on the goal. The above mantra is a good one. Another personal favorite of mine was “What you focus on will grow”. Think about it – if you focus on things like ‘this will never work’, ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘I’m just not cut out for this’, then that is the perception you are building upon, and it will grow like weeds, taking over your mental focus and eventually your reality. If you focus on the fact that you CAN make this happen; that you ARE in supreme control of your life, that is what’s going to grow.
  4. 4.       Draw from Personal Experience
    Can you think of any other situations in your life where you really wanted something, and by trying your hardest, you achieved it? Draw from the examples in your own life, and if not your own life, from the achieved goals of the people around you, because let’s face it, not all of us have ever achieved something big – at least, not yet. There’s a first time for everything. However, if you think hard enough, you can probably come up with something, even if it’s as small as studying hard to pass an important exam in grade school, or working up the courage to ride a big, scary rollercoaster for the first time.


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