Back Fat got you down? Lose the Bra Bulge with Cardio and Strengthening

Our bodies retain fat in different areas, and at different levels of intensity, based on genetics. Scientific studies have already proven this. Some of us are prone to blubberous bellies, others to thunder thighs. There’s also a group of individuals who find the majority of their accumulation in back fat.

Women seem to suffer from the back fat issue more so than men. Or, at least, they tend to complain about the issue more, but that’s understandable. For women, back fat creates what they not-so-lovingly refer to as the ‘bra bulge’. It’s often visible when wearing a form-fitting, sleeveless dress, where a fold of skin may hang over the material at the back and/or below the arm pits.

Back Fat, Bra Bulge


You ladies surely know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you’ve probably gotten a good look at it while fulfilling the request of a friend or family member who asked you to zip up their gown.

Now in some cases, back fat isn’t really the problem. If a woman is preparing to go to a wedding, for example, chances are she ordered her dress well ahead of time, choosing one-size smaller than she actually wears, fully determined to fit into it by the time the date rolled around. That can be chalked up to either bad decision making, or a lack of willpower on the lady’s part.

Don’t start huffing either, because you know I’m right. Every woman in my family has done it, as have all their female friends, and relatives of their friends.

Getting back to the topic at hand, there is a perfectly easy way to shed the bra bulge, and you’ll be glad to know it takes only a month to start seeing the results – plenty of time to fit into that too-small dress you ordered.

There are two keys to targeting back fat. First, you need to perform exercises that will burn calories and fat in general. Then you need to add in other exercises that specifically target the back, directing the fat cells in that location to release their death grip.

The first step is achieved through cardio. A good cardio workout (combined with a reasonably healthy diet, of course) will burn calories, and fat, faster than anything else. The idea behind cardio is to get your heart rate up, and that means lots of continuous movement. Taking a Spinning or Zumba class 4-5 times a week is a great idea. Indoor or outdoor cycling, or a steady jog/run for 45 minutes a day will also do the trick.

Next you need to add in the back strengthening workout, telling your body where the majority of fat should be burned from. Unfortunately, most of us don’t think of our back muscles when working out. We focus on the stomach, arms and thighs more than anything, simply because we don’t see our own back in the mirror.

If you have a gym membership, spend some time on the rowing machine. Bent-over flies are also a great idea, and can be done at home with a couple of dumbbells. Lean over at the waist and lift the dumbbells straight out to each side, about shoulder height. Repeat 2-3 sets of 10 reps a day, combined with your cardio workout, and the back fat should start melting away within a few weeks.

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