Avoiding Sports Supplement Scams

You want to spend your hard-earned money on the things that truly add value to your life, and when it comes to fitness that’s going to be a gym memberships, fitness equipment, good quality food and supplements that actually work. The only one you might have trouble with is selecting the right supplement, because there are so many out there that promise a lot yet deliver so little.

As Critical Bench suggests, marketing companies tend to use some misleading and “frightening tricks” to get you to buy what they are selling. Eventually these scams are exposed for what they are, but by then it’s too late, you have already spent your money and consumed enough of the product to make you furious with the scammers behind it. Ideally, you want to identify a poor quality sports supplement before you buy it.

Understand The Scientific/Industry Jargon

Most labels contain jargon that the average person will not understand, or innocently assume it means something it does not. For example, when looking through the ingredients list you might notice that not all of them, or their amounts, are listed in full. Some are grouped together as a “proprietary blend”. The problem is that the person ingesting a supplement doesn’t really know what it contains. There could be very high levels of stimulant that they might be sensitive too, or a questionable substance that could cause damage. As Jim Stopanni PhD notes: “they are irresponsible and can actually cause harm.”

Furthermore, companies can get away with using poorly tested ingredients by hiding them under the proprietary blend label. Most reputable companies will not be hesitant about disclosing their full ingredients list if they truly believe in their product. Luckily for you, the current trend is for companies to be more transparent as Jim Stopanni at Strength Sensei explains.

One case of scientific jargon being misused is when a bottle of black tea leaves was titled under its Latin name. As Critical Bench explains it was sold for $60, certainly not worth it for a bottle of black tea leaves. The company behind the product knew this and purposely tricked the buyer.

Boosting Your Testosterone Levels

Increasing your testosterone levels comes with a variety of benefits, such as increased muscle mass and weight loss. The Art Of Manliness even states that it can improve heart function, but what relevance does this have within the sports supplement industry? Very little, because the amount of testosterone in testosterone boosters is just a small fraction of what is required in order to get a significant increase in performance. As Seannal.com explains, you aren’t going to be finding anything at your local store that has enough of a testosterone kick to give you worthwhile improvements.

The only way to get impressive improvements in testosterone levels is the natural way: eat great food, sleep reasonable hours and train hard. Simply put, stick to a good quality workout program and the testosterone levels will take care of themselves.

When You Want To Gain Weight

When looking to gain weight, some people purchase weight gainers, but they’re just a combination of simple sugars and whey protein. Companies selling weight gainers would have you believe their products are the best way to put on weight, but there are better alternatives.

They do work, and there are typically no side-effects when used in moderation, but they are very bland. There are more nutritious and far more enjoyable ways of putting on weight. For instance, as Seanal.com suggests, you can buy whey protein and combine it with a variety of foods such as: healthy oils, natural nut butters, fruit, oatmeal and other carbohydrates.

By taking into account your nutrient selection when consuming a lot of carbohydrates, you will be greatly improving your health, and that’s only going to give you a stronger body to perform tougher exercises. Such a tactical approach ensures good health and a great deal of variety, which is also very important. By giving yourself more variety you are more likely to stick with the plan. It is an innate desire for us and one that pushes us to consume a wide variety of nutrients and minerals. So don’t fight this natural desire, mix up your whey protein with as many different combinations as you can and enjoy the results.

Do Your Own Research

You probably don’t think twice when buying food from the supermarket and many of us won’t even read the label. If we do, we certainly won’t research any ingredients we have never heard of before committing to a purchase. This is because the food we eat has passed rigorous testing and whilst there are some suspicious ingredients, most of it is safe. However, in the case of supplements, that is not necessarily the case. The testing is not as rigorous and most supplements are not verified as safe by any official bodies. Therefore, the onus is on you to research and to ensure that the ingredients are safe and that what you are putting into your body will do what you want it to do.

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