Arms Training

Training arms is one of the most misunderstood parts of the body and consequently is one of the hardest muscles to gain mass. Unlike other parts of the body such as chest and back, biceps and triceps need to be worked on more intensely and for fewer days a week in order to bring about results.

With chest it is ok to train 2 days a week due to the large area and connected muscles involved such as the back. Also, the chest is able to recover faster due to less use compared to legs and arms, which means it is able to withstand a higher ratio of workouts and grow muscle faster.

Arms on the other hand have very isolated muscles and are constantly being used. Both the biceps and triceps are relatively specific parts of the body compared to other parts and are limbs specifically used throughout most workouts. When we do chest we are also heavily working our triceps and when we do shoulders the biceps are used as well. Even when pulling for back muscle training or balancing a bar for deadlifts and squats our arms are used. Essentially, we are always using our arms so they rarely get a time to rest and recover.

The recovery aspect is important for gaining muscle, for a muscle group is too tired and not replenished enough not only will it look to other parts of the body for nutrition but will also find it hard to get bigger. Logic would tell us that like most other muscles if we use them more they will get bigger. In the case of biceps and triceps, however, it is the opposite.

Trainers need to get a solid workout on their arms, preferably both biceps and triceps on the same day, and then rest 4-5 days before going back to those muscle area. Doing both parts of the arms helps bring out the size and balances them more evenly while 4-5 days will give the body enough time for it to relax the limbs.


Recovery there forward is of utmost importance. Your arms need to be nurtured like a baseball player who ices his arm for a few days before throwing again and eating properly is crucial. Make sure to take a lot of protein and eat 5 meals a day, assuming your workouts were intense and you activate the Afterburn Effect. This effect causes the body to burn fat while increase muscle for optimal workout results.
Make sure to tense your arms from time to time during your recovery and also make sure to stretch them so that blood is moving freely. Tensing them, however, builds muscle, according to Mike Chang.

Stretching is also important both before and after an arm workout. Believe it or not, one of the most commonly torn muscles in the body are the biceps and triceps? These flabby like tissue areas dangled in fat within the arms and are at a higher risk of tension and overall harm if not properly nurtured. Stretching beforehand gives the muscles area to grow and stretching afterwards allows them to ease the tension, much like a massage does.

High Intensity is Key

Remember, keeping high intensity is key for the arms. Don’t get too concerned with excess amounts of rest in between sets. The muscles need to be tense and pumping as much blood as possible to get optimal results. Do drop sets and don’t be afraid to fatigue yourself to the very end even if it means you can barely lift 5 pounds. You are not at the gym to rest and watch TV, so make sure to keep motion to the ocean at an intense speed and do so only once every 4-5 days.

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