Mike Chang’s Arm Blaster Review

Mike Chang has recently released a new product for US$5 called the Arm Blaster, which goes through various arm exercises related to Mike Chang Fitness workouts. The series represents the latest of Mike Chang products and is by far his cheapest workout to date. However, the product may rise back up to its originally estimated US$87 price tag so purchasing one soon may be of use before its too late.

Within the online series, Chang takes you through his exact triceps and bicep exercises he uses to get big. Essentially they are very similar to monster sets in that he in order to work the full arm he uses both triceps and bicep exercises to match the intensity of one another.

Arm Blaster’s philosophy is simple: You need to complement each muscle with its corresponding muscle in order to effectively pump up and maximize strength. In other words, if you want to train your biceps then you need to add extra support for it in the corresponding group (the triceps).

The way this works is that imagine you want to build a bigger structure. If you keep adding to the top and do not add a foundation to the bottom then what is left for top part to keep growing and be put to use?

Arm Blaster techniques take this into consideration, and Mike Chang is upfront about pushing forth exercises that complement each other in order to strengthen the arms. Remember, to have big arms doesn’t mean to just have big biceps and puny triceps.

At $5 I bought the program immediately and tested it out. It is also a great way to see how the Mike Chang programs works in terms of how you access videos online, Mike Chang’s teaching techniques in addition to the overall progress you make in accordance with the program.

But what is more special about the offer is not just the exercises, it is also the added value. Chang sends out various diet tips from not only his own team but from others as well, and also sends out blog posts updating audiences on what the latest foods he is eating in addition to what people can eat and when.

Mike teamed up with some organic health food specialists to analyze the body’s natural development in accordance with muscle development in the body, with a focus on biceps and triceps. There are different nutrients the body uses for muscles and while the body usually does distribute nutrients naturally, there are tricks to maximize them in certain areas. Mike hints at these and even reveals them in his emails.

I also recently stated receiving daily emails about foods that maximize protein content in the body. Some of the foods that were being promoted (not through Chang’s site but through promotional emails) include raw almond butter, Ezekiel 4:9 bread and Almond Breeze Almond Milk. Chang has been proactive in helping people sponsoring their products it seems but I think it’s for the benefit of the reader and workout enthusiast as they are healthy options in an otherwise GMO and unhealthy world.

All of this falls under the $5 program for Chang’s Arm Blaster program so it’s worth more than the amount you pay. There are no secret or added costs involved and if you don’t like the additional emails about health you can quit at any time.

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