Are Mike Chang workouts good?

In our opinion they are some of the best. Mike Chang has developed workouts with some of the best trainers in the world and shows you what he has learned through comprehensive videos that are both entertaining and educational.

One example is in Mike Chang’s bicep exercises. Mike has many of these but I have put together one of my personal favorites that I think is a good one and will help you pack on meat fast and safely called “Ripped biceps”.

In this exercise, Mike starts off with a barbell. He does 2 warm-up sets with a lighter weight for about 10-12 reps on a barbell that is either either curved or straight to get the blood flowing. He does full extensions rather than half ones to get a longer range of motion and increase the areas of muscle used in his arms. The second warm-up set can be heavier than the first but remember this exercise can be relaxed as it is just a warm up.

Note: Mike recommends that you rest 20-30 seconds between each set for both warm-ups and working sets.

Following the warm-ups, Mike Chang moves to his “Working Set,” which are sets that have heavier weight for putting on muscle. Mike considers a working set to be a weight amount that you can lift for about 8-10 reps for about 4-5 sets, with the first set being able to reach 10 reps, the second 8 reps, the third 7 reps and the fourth 6 reps. The last set will probably be between 4-6 reps. The sets are where the muscles, or the biceps in this case, actually start to become strained beyond their normal limitations, which allows for increased muscles.

If you follow these steps, at this point you can definitely feel the burn in your arms and already know that following Mike’s rest/weight amount is super effective, because blood is centralizing in the muscle area and doesn’t escape as a result of sudden expansion in the arm like most bicep exercises produce. But the workout isn’t over just yet…

Mike then recommends sitting down and doing dumbbell curls for about 3-4 sets, with about 5-7 reps for each set. Rest for about 20-30 seconds between each set. He believes that sitting down will prevent the body from doing less swinging, which will help isolate the curls on the biceps. The positioning on a bench or on a chair is important for Chang as well. He likes to position himself on the edge so that when his arms come down they can extend further back and avoid hitting the side of the chair or his legs on the way down.

Mike Chang also points out, which in my opinion is so easy and important but many people avoid it, that when you curl your wrists you should start in a position as if you are doing hammer curls but then as you extend upwards your wrists turn to make the motion of a barbell curl. Doing so helps build muscle throughout more of the bicep, and helps in contract more as well.

The next step in this Mike Chang bicep exercise is one of his best-kept secrets, which is his own kind of preacher curl that involves squatting while ding bicep curls. The idea is to have your legs close together at the same width of your arms when they are curling a curved barbell with the inner handles and curl when you squat. However, the starting position is not from a standing position but rather in a bent-over position as if you were bending over to pick up a barbell for the first time and then ending in a squat position with the body parallel. At this point, your elbows should be touching the side of your legs with the arms fully curled up. This is really good in isolating the peak of your bicep as it takes pressure off the forearm, which will help put on mass.

After doing 3 sets of these at a weight that limits you to 5-7 reps, your arms will be fatigued, so trust me if you aren’t sure whether Mike Chang’s workouts are good give this bicep exercise a try. I personally have seen my biceps grow as a result and know that following such advice helps the muscles grow.

If it is still hard to imagine why your biceps would grow from this, think of it this way-the body basically needs creative and effective ways to pump muscle and convince itself that the strain is there for a reason. This is what the working sets do, especially when done from different angles, because the body will register this as something it needs to adapt to and hence keep. Doing warm-ups nevertheless are still crucial in order to avoid injury.

When it’s all said and done, no matter what the exercise is, keep telling yourself to keep going, especially to the point where you feel fatigued. Always remember, after fatigued, do 2-3 reps for better results and to make use of your workouts.


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