Afterburn Fuel : What is inside and is it useful?

Mike Chang developed Afterburn pre-workout fuel back in 2012 with the idea of creating not another muscle building supplement, but mass building supplements. It is the most effective and complex supplement on the market when it comes to pre-workout energy intake, and is taken easily in a couple of gulps usually within 30 minutes before working out.

Mike Chang’s take on supplements actually has always been reserved, and he sticks to his guns in the notion that working out enough and getting plenty of nutritious food is what matters most. However, he has never denied in his videos that supplements such as multivitamins, fish oils, creatine, protein and many others gives people an edge that they may need after their workouts to pack on more muscle when perhaps enough healthy food is not readily available. Simply put, people need these types of minerals in their bodies to build muscle and there is no way getting around it even if you work out all day, according to Chang. In fact, we know of very few trainers who would disagree.

Additionally, Mike Chang is trying to solve peoples’ problems associated with the motivation and proper energy needed before a workout in order to maximize your muscle building and fat loss capabilities. For many guys, they lack the motivation to go to the gym or even if they are there they don’t have enough energy or boost to really explode in their weight lifting or cardio. However, like a cup of coffee that gets you through the work day, there are ways to help you get through your workout and give you explosive energy all the way though and maximize your weight lifting efforts, so taking the right pre-workout supplements is one of the best ways to achieve that as well as kick start your energy that will get you off your ass and into a gym.

Essentially, Afterburn pre-workout fuel is a supplement meant to help people achieve such goals. Mike Chang’s new powder helps people maximize their workouts by providing the necessary energy needed, which further translates into more energy for lifting, especially heavy weights. But what is inside that gives people such feelings? Mike’s fuel combines three aspects that he feels are crucial for pre-workout supplements-energy, muscle pump and the “cognitive effect.”

Chang uses energy supplements first of all as the fundamental ingredient. Energy is a basic but with most supplements you get pills or powder that is full of sugar and lacking nutrients. The pre-workout fuel, however, is designed with nutrients and is low in sugar/caffeine, which will help kick start the body. The low caffeine also prevents the body from becoming dehydrated.

Next is a muscle pump ingredient that pumps more nutrients into your muscles in order to increase blood flow and oxygen, which helps build muscle by expanding your muscle tissues as well as allows for quicker recovery. This is very important in working out because the body builds muscle from increased blood flow, which is also why your muscles look jacked right away after working out. However, the blood needs to circulate with oxygen properly and build off nutrients to form muscle, which often doesn’t happen due to lack of nutrients. That is why you lose your muscles so quickly after working out because there is nowhere for them to expand and develop. Also, because this nutrient helps your muscles expand, there is an awesome psychological effect as well because when you see your muscles pumped up you convince yourself that you are stronger and therefore have the ability to lift heavier weights (within reason) that you otherwise may not have challenged yourself. Because you lifted heavier weights you are more likely to put on bigger muscles, which trainers across the globe including Chang almost all agree on.

The cognitive effect is also added as an approach to increase mental focus. Mike Chang believes that people are often too scatter-brained in general but particularly with their workouts. This translates into weak workouts that either end quickly or do not take advantage of the body’s full explosive capabilities. Having supplements that increase such functions is crucial just as it is when you eat healthy before preparing for something important, hence the reason Chang includes them in his fuel.

At this point you are probably asking yourself what are these ingredients’ names that are added to achieve these effects? Looking at the nutritional facts sticker, there is beta alanine, which helps with muscle contraction, Methylxanthine for energy, and Methyltyramine for cognitive purposes in addition to various other nutrients. All of these nutrients are common in healthy foods and have been known specifically for their muscle-building capabilities.

The great thing about the powder is that you can get it for free or at a reduced price if you buy Mike Chang’s Monster Mass program. The crew at Six Pack Shortcuts also guarantees quality and results for the powder similar just like they do for their other products.

According to reviews from users across the web, the fuel has provided them the results they look for and has also brought down costs on their overall workouts as they are able to get more supplements for the price of one.

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