Afterburn Fuel Review: Can it help you get ripped?

According to Mike Chang, 95% of guys at the gym are wasting their time. Why? Because they are not reaching what Chang calls the “Growth Threshold”, which is the only time that muscle is being built.

The growth threshold is only reached in the last few reps of a workout before total muscle failure. However, because many people are either too afraid, perhaps as a result of not having a spotter or not having the confidence to push extremely hard, they rarely reach that level. It’s natural though, says Chang. Most people when they reach a point of fatigue and struggle tell themselves to stop. It seems smart, right? However, in working out this is necessary if you want to put on bigger muscles, especially without the need of steroids, and it’s what separates the scrawny guys from the bigger ones-literally.

There are ways to fix this though if you are stuck at these points. You could either tell yourself to go beyond your limits and really push yourself with or without a spotter, or you could even change your form in order to get more muscle peak growth.

If you have tried that and find yourself able to put on muscle but then see it drift away a few days later, then you are still subject to lack of technique and probably even more so, lack of diet. Diet is key if you are not able to go that extra mile and there are some ways to help speed and smoothen the process to improving one’s muscle growth, most notably supplements.

Mike Chang worked with a team of scientists to create his Afterburn Fuel, which basically boosts the necessary chemicals in your body to extend energy needed for pushing yourself during workouts as well as maximizing muscle growth afterwards. Chang encourages people to slam it within 15-30 minutes before a workout to get the best results.

According to various bloggers on YouTube that are not affiliated with Mike Chang, they really noticed a difference in their workout routines after drinking the supplement and then going into an intense workout. Most bloggers claim that energy and awareness heightened for longer periods of time, giving them extra strength to move more intensely throughout the whole set instead of getting tired halfway through and losing momentum.

This is key in working out. In fact, muscle growth should be packed on through natural ways during the workout rather than slamming excessive workout drinks or other performance-enhancing drugs afterwards. The chemicals used in Mike Chang’s Afterburn Fuel derive from some of the healthiest plants, nutrients and foods today, aiming to pump up the body in accordance with its natural development and response to one’s workout routine.

Other bloggers said the fuel also helped them become more balanced throughout the day as their energy was positioned better. The fuel is also a good way to save money on food despite its price tag, for if you were to add up the amount you would have to spend on food to get the same nutrients it would be exponentially higher, another blogger noted.

Afterburn Fuel does not need to be taken on a daily basis unless you are working out daily. Unlike protein and other supplements that you should try to take between workouts, Afterburn Fuel targets maximizing the body’s growth threshold in a workout, which when reached, already allows the body to develop muscle longer and quicker. Therefore, taking the fuel at the right time sustains the body in the way it needs and other supplements are not needed as much.

You should still take supplements in the meantime such as protein in order to help put on muscle if you do not have enough time to be eating 5 times a day. Investing in a product like Afterburn Fuel is not necessary but it helps for the reasons mentioned above if someone is looking to make a difference in their workouts, especially when it comes to putting on muscle.

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